What you should consider when buying the HiPP baby formula

Parents usually want the best baby formulas for their little ones. But it can be tricky to start narrowing down and find the right organic baby formula considering that there are many brands on the market. The good thing is that you can find high-quality baby formulas on the market. 

Because each infant is different, you need to make sure that you purchase the right baby formula that meets the needs of your little one. One of the best organic baby formulas you can find on the market is called HiPP UK Stage 1; EU baby formula. There is also a wide range of other HiPP baby formulas you can buy. This post discusses what you should consider when buying the HiPP baby formula.

HiPP Macronutrients

HiPP has been making baby formulas for many years. This brand has refined its expertise over the years to manufacture simple, nutritional-complete, and safe baby formulas. This baby formula is certified and approved by the European Commission. 

All HiPP baby formulas follow the strict standards of the European Commission. Remember that it can be overwhelming to understand the different ingredients included in these baby formulas, but this is a crucial step when it comes to choosing the right baby formula for your infant.

HiPP baby formulas have carbohydrates. Carbohydrate sources should be one of the necessary criteria you have to consider before you decide to purchase baby formula. Lactose is the key carbohydrate you can find in breast milk and is the right option for infant formula. 

Lactose is an excellent energy source for infants because it can support their mental and physical development. It also assists to maintain gut bacteria and even helps the absorption of calcium. Babies can produce lactase enzymes when they are born, so it allows them to digest lactose easily. 

The European Commission requires the baby formula manufacturers to include thirty percent carbohydrates in infant formulas that come from lactose. You should note that sucrose is not allowed in European baby formulas.

Some baby formulas also have organic maltodextrin, which is a relatively tasteless complex carbohydrate that comes from the start and it assists to balance out the sweetness of goat’s milk or cow’s milk. This ingredient also thickens baby formulas and produces a lot of energy compared to simple carbohydrates. As a result of this, your baby can feel full for longer.

It’s worth mentioning that HiPP formulas are usually lactose-based except HiPP Anti-Reflux baby formula that has maltodextrin. This ingredient can assist ease digestion for babies with sensitive tummies. And, the thickening properties associated with maltodextrin can help prevent reflux because it sits heavier in the baby’s stomach. 

Protein is another macronutrient that is important in the diet of your baby, and it’s crucial to make sure that your little one gets the right types of proteins. Breast milk has forty percent casein proteins and sixty percent whey proteins. On the other hand, cow’s milk has eighty percent casein proteins and twenty percent whey proteins. Casein proteins can be harder for a baby’s tummy to digest. 

This is the reason why you need to choose a baby formula that shows when as one of its ingredients. This allows you to know that the protein ratio has been done to correspond to that of breast milk. You can find some baby formulas that have 100 percent whey suitable for babies with sensitive tummies while others can have protein hydrolysates, which can break down the proteins for infants who fail to do it themselves.

Many HiPP baby formulas usually contain a protein ratio similar to what you can find in breast milk. It also provides an Anti-Reflux baby formula that has 100 percent whey and HiPP Hypoallergenic baby formulas that have protein hydrolysates. The hypoallergenic baby formulas are often not 100 percent organic as the hydrolyzed milk protein cannot be found in organic form. But all other ingredients in this baby formula are organic. When it comes to infants with allergies or sensitivities, this should be the baby formula they need to manage their distressed digestive system.

Key considerations before you buy baby formulas

Europe’s standards for baby formulas of what is considered organic can be quite extensive and detailed. As mentioned earlier, HiPP is European Union certified organic except for a couple of specialty types of HiPP formulas. 

Regular baby formulas are suitable for most infants, but babies sometimes have problems digesting standard baby formulas. Therefore, parents of these infants can find it hard to find the right baby formula for their little ones, so find themselves regularly switching through various formula varieties. This can be overwhelming for any parent. This is the reason why it makes sense to understand all specialty baby formulas.

HiPP offers Comfort, Anti-Reflux, and Hypoallergenic options designed to assist babies to break down and process proteins that are hard to digest. It also provides a hypoallergenic baby formula that doesn’t have corn as well as HiPP HA PRE which is excellent for infants who are allergic to cow’s milk protein.

Another consideration is the cost of the baby formula. Most parents desiring to purchase European baby formulas are concerned with the cost. It’s usually confusing to try to compare between options. You should remember that bulk ordering offers lower ends of cost estimates.

The cost for HiPP baby formulas tends to vary widely depending on suppliers and whether or not the formula is addressing a specialty concern, such as reflux. Therefore, make sure that you shop around to ensure that you find a baby formula that fits your budget. 

In most cases, brands offer similar prices for their baby formulas per fluid ounce. Holle’s goat milk baby formula is usually the most expensive. On the other hand, HiPP Dutch and HiPP UK formulas tend to be the most cost-effective. Regardless of the prices, these baby formulas are often cheaper than most products on the market. 

The baby formula you select should consider several factors, such as price. HiPP provides a variety of baby formulas at affordable prices. The good news is that the products have great nutritional value for your little one.


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