Tips for Styling a Pixie Cut for Short Hair

In the past, a woman’s beauty was equated with the length of her hair. However, times have changed, and more women prefer short hair such as a pixie cut to the neck and shoulder-length strands. In addition, the shorter strand is easy to style, and the women take a shorter time to prepare when going to work. 

Although it is hard to decide to cut your shoulder-length hair and go short, there are many ways to style your new hair. For example, you can cut it in a style and length that does not require styling or use different products to style the hair. However, you should also protect your hair while trying to achieve the look. So here are some ways to maintain your short pixie cut

  • Have Less Bad Hairdays With Short Hair

People with longer hair are more likely to have more bad hair days because it is harder to style. With a short pixie cut, a simple comp makes your hair neat. You can also use styling products like gels and hair sprays to maintain the style. In addition, a moisturizing oil will give you more shine. When styling the hair, ensure you comp it in the direction you want. Let the hair dry without touching it. If you have hair thinning, use products that increase hair volume, as the mousse. You will achieve fullness and more structure. 

  • Use Hair Oil To Add Texture

When you air-dry your hair, you will get a rough cuticle that makes it look less cute. Instead, use moisturizing oil to keep the scalp oily and help the growing strands achieve more length. Once you apply the oil, comb the hair in the direction you want to style it. Also, avoid using a blow-dryer to dry it. Instead, you can let the hair dry naturally. If you’re looking for more fullness and structure, apply hair mousse and section it into smaller portions. Twist each section and let the hair dry. 

  • Avoid Overwashing

Women with pixie cuts are more likely to wash their hair each time they jump into the shower. However, Overwashing the hair weakens the strands and could lead to hair breakage. Suppose you want to hair wet to style it, use a spray bottle to damp it. The hair gets wet and not soaked. You can then apply the product and style the strands. Finally, let the hair dry to maintain the style the entire day. 

  • Use Weather Proofing Cream

Like you never forget to wear sunscreen, your hair needs protection from harsh weather. If it is during the rainy season, apply a lightweight weatherproofing cream. You can also use an anti-humidity spray. Apply the weather-proofer when the hair is damp and the anti-humidity when it dries. 

  • Style Using Bobby Pins

Some hairstyles cannot stay a whole day without an extra firm hold. Add bobby pins to keep your twist-outs all day long. You can also comb your short pixie cut into a small bun, but hold the shorter strands with bobby pins and tiny clips. This ensures your hair length does not limit you to style it. 

  • Headbands Are Beautiful

You will never go wrong with headbands or scarfs. However, ensure you wear colors that match your outfit to keep the colors consistent. 

  • Use The Right Products

Most people are more likely to buy the cheapest hair products to save a few bucks, which is not advisable especially if you want to maintain your pixie cut well. When purchasing shampoos, conditioners, and styling creams, consult your hairstylist to advise on the best products. Some have unnecessary ingredients that cause dryness of the scalp, and others are not friendly to the strands. 

When washing, follow the correct washing procedures. Start by shampooing the hair and then rinse it with warm water. You should also ensure all the shampoo is washed out. Next, go in with the conditioner. Apply a generous amount of hair conditioner depending on your hair texture. The product helps to detangle the hair making it easier to comb. Also, ensure you rinse all the conditioners before drying your hair. 


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