The Types Of Architectural Rendering To Make An Impressive Design

Berry Mathew

The types of architectural rendering to make an impressive design


Architectural rendering is basically making digital images of buildings. It’s using software to make models of buildings before construction to have a better understanding about the whole building , room or any place before construction. It’s actually an architectural visualization technique to know how the building is going to be in the near future after its construction. It is primarily used to show the client how the project is going to be in the coming time.


The following are the basic types of architectural rendering according to me. Here I will put some light on each one.

  • Exterior rendering

Exterior rendering refers to making images of buildings externally by using different software. Its mainly how a building will look from outside. We use different prospective and aspects to make these image such as

Bird’s view : Image from bird’s perspective

Human’s view : Image from a normal standing person’s perspective

Its just an image so it will not give much details. This rendering is used in higher projects like hotels, amusement parks , shopping malls and trade centers etc.

  • Interior rendering

Interior rendering is an internal image of the building. Its actually the placement of furniture , interior designing , color of walls etc. Empty walls and non decorative plain rooms won’t impress anybody. That’s why you need Interior rendering to decorate all those spaces to give an in-depth view to the client. Its

just like a picture captured from only one angle that covers every detail of the room. By this rendering you will know how the room will be at the very end.

  • 3D animation

3D animation is kind of making a video of the structure of the building. It’s basically a computer generated , life-like video of the building. It will give more detail than just a 2 dimensional image. We will have liberty to watch both internal and external atmosphere of the building. Through this type of rendering we get a broad view from multiple angles. Animations can help us to visualize at much higher extent in order to give us a deep concept about our project.

  • Virtual rendering

This type of rendering illustrates 3D models of the building. It provides a walk through experience to the client where he could see the building from all aspects. It will allow a 360 degree overview to the person where he could see buildings from every angle in virtual reality. Watching through the VR will give freedom to the client to glance anyway he wants. It’s the most effective way as it will give a preview of the whole building in the virtual world so that you experience the environment that is going to be in the architectural project after its manufacturing.


In this world everything has its own benefits but with them there are demerits as well. As we know

 architectural rendering is such a majestic and useful miracle of technology that gives us visuals of our project before construction and turns our ideas into reality in a virtual space. Each type of rendering is effective and it displays the building in its own way. But some types require more effort to design such as in virtual rendering you are giving a tour to the client so you need to make the building from all perspectives virtually whereas in some renderings we need to construct that image only through one perspective. There are many aspects that we should ponder over before designing such as

  1. The time requirement

We must know how much time we can put in as virtual rendering needs a lot of time but it gives better understanding whereas 3D animation doesn’t give us such understanding but is not as much time consuming.

  1. What type of building are we making ?

One must choose the type of rendering according to the type of building he is making because if it’s the design of a shopping mall or such huge building exterior rendering is prioritized whereas in designing a house interior rendering is of main concern.

  1. Expertise of the person making the design

Everyone has their own ability and skills to do things. Some people can do some things faster than others. The person designing should know which type is best and easy for him to use. Which software to use in order to make the best design he co