Risland The Ace Review

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Risland The Ace Review

In Chennai, I came across the Risland the Ace flats while doing my usual real estate research for investments. These quaint houses boast spacious rooms, light-filled hallways, and a cheerful attitude. They are situated in a community with lots of greenery and easy access to pure, pollution-free air. There are 1, 2, and 3 BHK layouts of apartments available at Risland The Ace. The area is perfect for business travellers because it is close to Rajiv Gandhi IT Park. The towers’ fusion of modern and contemporary architecture makes them the perfect residence for everyone looking for a house right now!

Reason For Buying an Apartment And How I Discovered Risland The Ace

I keep making investments in houses I like, usually expensive ones. My decision to stay at Risland the Ace was the best I’ve ever made because of its magnificent design and superior services. I learned about the Risland the Ace brochure through advertising. I was particularly attracted to the characteristics and location, so I decided to visit the area to ascertain whether it would be a sensible investment. Risland The Ace is the ideal location for your entire family because there is something here for everyone. Your house at Risland perfectly embodies and expresses both who you are and who you wish to be. You’ll fall in love with the place and never let go. Risland The Ace is the perfect residence for you.

Risland The Ace Amenities That I Love

To protect the safety and well-being of your loved ones, these houses have 24-hour security, fire safety measures that comply with industry standards, and CCTV surveillance. A lush green common garden and a well-kept park are available for your beloved morning and evening strolls. I could feel that the place was 100% Vastu Shastra-compliant due to the positivity filling my body. Your family’s socialising, fitness, education, and entertainment demands can be met by a community centre, children’s play area, gym, and swimming pool. Your interests in physical health and recreation are catered to with the on-site jogging track, aerobics room, basketball court, and badminton court. Additionally, if you are a socialite like me, the amphitheatre and clubhouse would impress you. 

3 Reasons Why I Would Recommend You to Buy A House In Risland The Ace

Risland The Ace Price

I’ve invested in real estate in various ways, so I am familiar with market rates. But because the Risland The Ace flat offers such an opulent environment at reasonable prices, I’m delighted I decided to get it. The price range offered by Risland the Ace is 57.75 Lacs to 1.6 Crores. Anyone wishing to make the most of their financial resources should consider this property because it provides excellent value. The 2 BHK apartment cost me Rs 78.88 lakhs.

Internationally Renowned Builders 

A well-known real estate developer with operations in ten countries, Risland Holding, is situated in Hong Kong. Risland Group India has a long history of completing fruitful projects and has become one of the leading real estate developers in three Indian cities.

Lovely Location

Personalised living spaces have the potential to become an earthly nirvana if they are also well-connected to the outside world, and Risland The Ace promises just that. If you purchase a home at Risland The Ace, you’ll be able to fulfil all of your professional obligations on time. Apollo Speciality Hospital Perungudi and Mmr Gardens bus stops are 5-7 minutes apart. Three to five minutes separate Globus Medical India (P) Ltd from other medical facilities. More than five supermarkets are reachable in seven to thirteen minutes.

Look, by now you must have realised that my family and I are extremely happy that I have a permanent home in Chennai! I have always loved this bustling metropolitan city and buying a property within my budget has been nothing short of a dream! If you are actively searching for properties in Chennai, I would highly recommend that you check verified listings on NoBroker.in before you visit the sites!