How to repost on Instagram

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How to repost on Instagram

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  • If a person wants to choose one of the most powerful social media platforms to increase his brand reach and start a new business, it can definitely be Instagram.  A powerful option for brands is to repost on Instagram. Unlike other social platforms, Instagram does not offer a native tool for reposting.  Here’s how to repost on Instagram in a few simple steps:
  • To repost on Instagram, you first need to find a photo to post on Instagram. For this a screenshot can be taken with the phone. Press the Home and Lock buttons until the screen flashes. This method is applicable for iOS and for Android you have to press and hold the Slip / Wake and Volume Down buttons at the same time until the screen flashes. Then you have to tap on the new post button. After receiving the screenshot, the user has to go back to his Instagram account. Then tap the “New Post Button” at the top right of the Instagram screen. Then select “Post” and other options “Story” “Reels” or “Live”.
  • The 3rd method is to change the image size in the app. While taking a screenshot, the phone will take a screenshot of everything on the screen, so only the photo that will be re-posted needs to be resized and shared.  Click “Next” at the top right of the screen after the person has cropped or resized the photo to their liking. Then you have to edit the post and add the filter of your choice to the photo and then add a quote so that the quote does not include a quote. Then add a nice and interesting caption to the photo. A person or organization can be tagged and a location must be added when posting
  • At the top you will see a preview of your post with space for a caption. After customizing the post with the options mentioned above. Click Share in the upper right corner then the post will go live.

using Downloadgram.  With DownloadGram, Instagram users can download high-resolution copies of Instagram photos and videos from their own accounts for reposting.  Here’s how to do it:

As with the previous process, first you need to open Instagram and find a photo or video to re-post.  Then tap on the “…” icon in the upper right corner of the post and click on “Copy Share URL”. Then you have to paste the share URL of the post in the downloadgram.  Open internet browser on mobile and easily navigate to  Paste the URL in the text box displayed on the homepage of the website and tap “Download” and tap the “Download Image” button at the bottom of the downloadgram homepage. Then you have to download thcaption. You will then be directed to a new webpage through which to download  Tap the download icon and then tap “Save Image”. The user then has to go back to the Instagram app and edit it like any other Instagram post with the image being saved in his phone’s native camera roll.  Lastly, you have to share the post by adding a caption.


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