Make Career as Education Policy Analyst

On July 29, 2020 New Education Policy (NPE) was introduced, replacing the old National Policy of Education (1986). When this new policy was going to be introduced, everyone had their eyes and ears on it. They wanted to know what this new policy had to offer to the people. Education is one of the most important aspects of any country, and when any new policy or major changes are going to be made in it, it’s obvious for people to be curious about it. Especially, the people who are directly affected by it, like this policy affects students, teachers, colleges,schools, universities, parents and every other person who is related to the education sector. So when this new policy came many people were happy with changes made and improvements done, but there were many others who didn’t support a few rules & ideas. But keeping all these things aside,  have you ever wondered who makes these policies, rules and regulations regarding education, curriculum, exam patterns etc. This job is done by “education policy analyst” and when it comes to making policies for the whole country, then it’s a group of people who work with education policy analysts to do this work. Let’s know about them and what one has to do to become an education policy analyst.

Who is an Education Policy Analyst?

Very few people may have heard about the profession of education policy analyst, but they are important people who play an important part in the growth and improvement of the education structure of any country. They are the advocates of policies and efforts that are needed and are also the makers of new policies which are necessary for the improvement of education.

What work does an Education Policy Analyst do?

The work education policy analysts do is very important for better quality education of students and to make a great foundation for the nation. As an education policy analyst, one has to research, review, brainstorm and analyse continuously.  The work of policy analysts requires them to look for shortcomings and problems in the current education system, whether it’s of curriculum, student’s problem, teacher’s teaching method, funding for any course etc. Then they have to find solutions for the same, for example: during pandemic when schools were shut down, policy analysts worked & made framework with educational institutions and teachers to start online classes to teach students from their homes.

How to become an Education Policy Analyst?

Although there is no fixed education qualification to become an education policy analyst, but an Undergraduate degree is a must. And after that you need to have relevant experience in policy analysis, research and management, you can opt to do a Masters in education policy or a PhD but more than that you need to gain professional and on field experience. As the most important part of this job is to do continuous research, brainstorming and reviewing so that you can make positive changes in the field of education.

Must have skills for Education Policy Analyst

Strong Analytical Skills: As an education policy analyst, you need to develop strong analytical skills, as your work is to collect information, analyse them and find the problem and search for it’s possible solution. 

Communication skills: We all know communication is the key to every problem, having great communication skills can become plus point , if you want to succeed in this field, where you have to work along with different people, while collecting data, doing research work, making policy and so much more.

Negotiation Skills: When you are in a position, where your job requires you to make major changes in the system, you have to have strong negotiation skills. Same goes for education policy analyst for example: during the introductory stage of e-learning methods many people opposed it, but policy makers and educational boards saw future in online teaching methods, and see how today every other schools and colleges teaches online.

Be Creative: “Necessity is the mother of invention” we all know that, and inventions occur there, where minds are creative & free. As education policy analyst you need to be creative in finding solutions to the problems of education sector.



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