Benefits of online quizzes 

Imparting, receiving, and later this knowledge and information is an important pattern that is followed in the education process. E-learning classes are growing at a faster rate because they use technical and modern teaching aids effectively.  Learning with the help of online quizzes is one such example that benefits both teachers and learners on online teaching platforms. Creating and making students participate in the quizzes is very helpful in enhancing their critical and logical thinking.  Let us study more about its advantages. 

Online quizzes: benefits 

A quick, instant, informal, or way of testing the student’s knowledge can be achieved by online quizzes organized by the teachers. Practicing these online quizzes is a very innovative approach to accomplish effective education and teaching on online platforms. It is an activity that is very much enjoyed and appreciated by learners. Class engagement and participation are boosted by it. Below mentioned are some main benefits of it. 

  1. Evaluating knowledge

Online quizzes help learners to assess and evaluate the knowledge they have received that too in different ways. It is not similar to monotonous patterns of giving written exams for assessing knowledge. Quizzes created in between the lessons and after completing the lessons are very helpful for learners to learn efficiently and track their timely performances. The quizzes are an excellent substitute for the written assignments that students find tedious. This helps teachers and learners to achieve proper and successful knowledge. 

Also, the quizzes created by the best software for online teaching, provide instant and immediate scores and feedback. This helps learners to evaluate how much they know and what more needs to be done. It takes time to check the written and lengthy assignments of many students. The delay of feedback from teachers affects the study preparation of the students. But with the help of online quizzes, teachers can give quick responses. Maintaining the quiz records with the help of LMS portals also becomes convenient for the teachers. 

  1. Better engagement 

With the help of quizzes online, students’ participation and engagement can be increased to a great extent. We know that students often run from giving written exams or reciting the lessons and hence they don’t engage much in the classroom. But how can we forget that games and gamification activities are extremely enjoyed by the students?   When students enjoy it, they interact and actively respond. So why not replace the monotonous activities with online quizzes to improve students’ interaction and active participation in the virtual classes. These quizzes are quite attractive, similar to gaming, and highly eye-catching for the learners. These activities make learners think deeply and respond vigorously. 

  1. Boost confidence 

Many students are good at scoring when it comes to scoring via quizzes. Written assignments or speaking sometimes leads to many errors which demotivate students a bit. But with the help of e-learning quizzes, students’ confidence and self-esteem are being boosted. They participate much better via this process. When they succeed via participation, their confidence and motivation to do better are grown. For the revision process as well it is highly beneficial. The best software for online teaching provides the try again option during the quizzes. This facility helps to rethink, revise, and then select. Repetition of thinking and analyzing enhances the student’s preparation. By this, the mistakes and errors are reduced which makes students confident and motivated for further studies. 

  1. Great for revisions 

Revision schedules become hectic for students. Revising it with the help of different types of quizzes is very helpful for learners. It will be not at all pressurizing and hence students will not even realize or feel that they are doing revisions and practice exercises. It is a very effective way to identify how appropriate you are doing in revisions and what is the status of your study preparation. 

  1. Time-saving 

Online quizzes are time-saving for both teachers and learners. It focuses on boosting time management skills and utilizing that saved time for effective imparting and receiving of education respectively. Preparing question papers for students can be difficult for teachers but replacing them with quizzes is much easier and more fun. Since quizzes help in giving immediate responses and feedback is possible here, therefore teachers don’t have to spend hours checking the multiple answer sheets of the students. It is helpful for learners too. Long waits for results develop anxieties and stress among the students. They overthink the same topic which affects their mental and physical health as well as academic performance. Exams through online quizzes are highly beneficial in this regard. Maintaining records and databases via LMS also becomes very easy for the teachers.


The above-mentioned pointers explain to us how organizing online quizzes for learners is helpful for the effective completion of educational courses. It is new, different from existing monotonous patterns, and highly appreciated by both educators and students. A large number of participants engage in studies via this process. There is a better and more proper overview of the important questions of the study material. All the online teachers must organize such attractive quizzes for enhancing their class performance.