Creative Instagram Story Ideas to Engage audience

A recent update from Instagram confirms an increase of 200Million monthly active users in 9 months— the number now stands at 1 Billion. Globally Instagram has 500+ million daily active users. The numbers have pushed Instagram to number 6 on the list of largest social networks worldwide. These statistics indicate that marketers have a better reach through Instagram stories.

Instagram stories help you communicate with your audience and reach out to new ones. Although they are active only for 24 hours, they are visible to your followers are others too. It is substantial to increase your audience, engage with them and communicate ideas.

Stories are easy to do. Use your imagination, a stunning photograph or video, and a catchy storyline to convey your message. If that sounds difficult to you, don’t sweat!

This blog has creative Instagram Story Ideas to help engage your audience.

Introductory Story

Come up with a compelling bio to personally connect through a story with the people on Instagram. Yes, it is already there on your profile. But why will people want to get there and check you out when they don’t know you exist? Thus this is your second introduction that is visible to anyone on the platform for 24 hours. It is an open invitation for people who are interested in your brand to engage with you.  

Here’s what it should contain:

  • Tell them about the product or service you offer.
  • Show them how they can help and who can use them.
  • Offer them a solution that helps solve their pain points.
  • How did you win your customer’s loyalty?

Use your imagination to make your audience curious about your product. It should be an opening for your followers to keep coming back for more. Begin to give the right impression and build trust. 

Introduce Your Team

People connect better with people than with brands. Brands with people to represent them get better engagements with their audience than those without a face.

Show yourself long enough to connect with them. On the following day, ask a team member to take over and show the audience how he works to better the product. Keep doing that until you have introduced your entire team to your viewers.

Customer Appreciation

Variety is the spice of life. Your team has had their opportunity to score on engagement. Now allow your customer to take over for a day. Watch the increase because of happy customer testimonials. 

Your customers can reveal how your brand has transformed their lives. Choose between shooting short videos with your customers to rewarding your loyal customer for their long-time support to your business.

Yes, you will engage with the customer and get the attention of the rest of the followers. They will value the customer’s words more than yours.

Location Reveal

When your business has a physical presence, reveal it to your audience to help them engage better with you. Use not only your physical location but also the local landmarks and easy to recognize places near you. That will help viewers to find you easily.

Use Instagram’s location stickers for a better SEO rank. It all depends on the number of stories from your locality. You are lucky if there are few. It will make you stand out among many to get more attention from the audience.

Product Promotion

To buy your product or use your service, your consumer needs to know their availability. Previously marketers spent enormous sums of money on advertising. But today, there is a cost-effective way of doing it — Instagram stories. If done right, it can spread awareness for your brand like wildfire. 

Instagram facilitates approved businesses with product stickers. Product stickers in the story take your audience to the purchase page. Alternatively, you can use the “swipe up” feature on the platform to link it with an eternal website. 

Present Solutions

To present the right solutions, you must know your audience queries about you, your brand, or your topic.

An effective way to increase followers, and engage with them is to ask them questions. Here’s what you can ask them:

  • Ask them anything about your brand or your subject.
  • Or put up a question sticker with a text— “ask anything.”

People on Instagram will see your story and reply in engagement. It will allow you to show your expertise in the subject as you answer their queries as they engage with you. Finally, craft video content with the answers and post it as your highlights. Those who did not see your stories will now see your answer and will engage with you.

Present Queries (Polls)

Another great way to drive an engagement through an Instagram story is to ask a question and wait for a response. Ask the questions and use the answer sticker in the story to know what people think of your brand. That’s where the audience will submit their response.

Also, posting daily content can be cumbersome. Let your audience help you with that. Ask your followers their preferences. The following day, publish relevant content. The audience will know you are listening and continue to engage with you. 

Ask your Audience to DM 

Instagram, like other social networking platforms, serves users their preferred content. When the user checks his account, he will only know the stories and people with whom he has a frequent interaction. Those who directly connect with you through a message also send a strong message of their interaction with you.

That’s when the Instagram algorithm records the interaction as a strong engagement between the two of you. That person is marked not as an acquaintance but as a friend. To achieve this through your posts, encourage your audience to send a message to you. 

Aim to build a relationship with your audience and followers, not merely on increasing engagement with them. That is what will encourage them to message you to increase engagement.

Create More Quality Content

More and more people watch Instagram reels. Serve video content that is pleasing for your audience to watch. Modify your content strategy to include more video content. Craft more videos, give them something new and fascinating to watch. That will increase engagement.


Sure the competition is plenty on Instagram, and creators are trying desperately to get the attention of their followers. But many have a daily increase in followers. Their engagement with their followers too increases daily. 

It means that there are tons of ways and creative means to increase it. Strategize and craft your content based on these Instagram Story ideas and check the audience’s response. Check your metrics from time to time. They will not disappoint you.


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