Which is a better choice, 1.5 ton Split ac or Window ac?

While purchasing an air conditioner, people often debate which is better – a 1.5-ton split AC or an air conditioner 1.5 ton window. The fact is that everything depends upon what you want in your home. However, most people prefer split AC because it complements modern technology and consumes less energy.

However, some still believe that a window air conditioning system is the best option. Let us explore the advantages of one type over the other in this article so that you may get a better idea of your air conditioner. 

1.5-ton Split AC vs. air conditioner 1.5-ton Window 

A window air conditioner is a single-unit package that includes the compressor, evaporator, and condenser coil in one box. However, a split air conditioner has two units: the internal unit containing an evaporator and the external unit with a compressor and a condenser coil. Regarding cooling, both are equally efficient but split AC is more expensive and requires frequent servicing. A Split ac employs complex technology and has multiple modes of operation.

Comparison of a Split air conditioner over the Window air conditioner

The new-age Split AC has the following advantages over old-fashioned Window AC.

It makes Less Noise

If you want a better quality of sleep, it’s advisable to purchase a split ac. Compared to a window ac, a split air conditioner makes less noise. The noise levels of a split air conditioner are 25 to 45 decibels, while that of a window air conditioner begins from 40 decibels. Some top models of 1.5-ton Split ac are virtually silent. That makes it ideal for a bedroom.

If you are looking for a peaceful place to sleep, a window AC may not be your best choice. The noise in a window AC originates from its internal components. Besides, it also vibrates a lot which further increases the noise level.

It suits all types of Rooms.

You can install a window AC only in a room where the aperture is large enough to accommodate it, such as a window or a grill. If the room lacks a formal opening, you must settle for a split AC. The main advantage of purchasing a split ac is that you can practically install it in any room, with or without an opening.

Uniform Cooling

The internal unit of a split AC has a more extensive, comprehensive, and powerful fan that evenly distributes cool air over a larger area and a longer distance. It causes uniform cooling. However, a window AC has a smaller size for distributing air. Therefore, sites closer to the window ac cool faster while the other end of the room could be better, resulting in uneven cooling.

Better Appearance

The split AC’s indoor unit appears smaller and better than a window AC. Fixing it in the window glass or grill is unnecessary because you can put it anywhere on the wall.

However, window ac has an upper hand in terms of price.

Window ac is Cheaper.

The main advantage of purchasing a window air conditioner is cost. A window ac is at least 30-40% cheaper than a split air conditioner. For example, a 1.5 ton Split AC will cost around 30000 Rs while a 1.5-ton window AC will cost only 23000–25000 Rs. If you’re looking for an AC for a small room, a window AC is the way to go because it requires fewer installation charges. However, it would help if you went for a split AC for a bigger space, such as a living room.