What Is DL Coach In Train?

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Trains are a popular and efficient mode of transportation around the world, and they come in various types and configurations to cater to different passenger needs. One of the aspects that may confuse passengers, especially those new to train travel, is the variety of coach types. One such coach that you may come across during your train journey is the “DL coach.” In this blog, we will explore what a DL coach is, its purpose, and where you might encounter it.

What Is DL Coach In Train?

A DL coach, often referred to as “Deen Dayalu” coach, is a type of passenger coach used in Indian Railways. These coaches are designed with a special focus on passenger comfort and amenities. The name “Deen Dayalu” translates to “one who is compassionate towards the needy,” and these coaches aim to live up to that name by providing improved facilities to passengers.

Features Of A DL Coach

  1. Enhanced Seating Comfort: DL coaches are equipped with better cushioned seats to offer passengers a more comfortable journey. The aim is to make long train rides more pleasant, especially for those traveling in non-air-conditioned classes.
  2. Bio-toilets: One significant feature of DL coaches is the presence of bio-toilets. These eco-frienDLy toilets are designed to minimize the environmental impact of train travel by treating human waste using bacteria, reducing the release of harmful effluents onto the tracks.
  3. LED Lights: To save energy and provide better lighting, DL coaches are fitted with energy-efficient LED lights. This not only reduces power consumption but also ensures passengers have a well-lit and comfortable environment.
  4. Mobile Charging Points: Keeping in mind the modern traveler’s need for connectivity, DL coaches are equipped with mobile charging points. Passengers can recharge their devices, ensuring they stay connected throughout their journey.
  5. Fire Extinguishers and Alarm Systems: Safety is a paramount concern in any mode of transportation. DL coaches are equipped with fire extinguishers and alarm systems to ensure the safety of passengers in case of emergencies.
  6. Cleanliness: Indian Railways emphasizes cleanliness and sanitation in DL coaches. Regular cleaning and maintenance are carried out to ensure a hygienic environment for passengers.

Where To Find DL Coaches?

DL coaches can be found across various trains in the Indian Railways network. They are typically deployed in both long-distance and short-distance trains, with the goal of enhancing passenger comfort and experience. Travelers can identify these coaches by looking for the “DL” symbol on the side of the coach, making them easily distinguishable from other types of coaches.


A DL coach, or Deen Dayalu coach, is a type of passenger coach used in Indian Railways known for its focus on passenger comfort and amenities. With features like enhanced seating comfort, bio-toilets, LED lighting, mobile charging points, and safety measures, these coaches aim to provide a more enjoyable and convenient travel experience for passengers. So, the next time you embark on a train journey in India and come across a DL coach, you can expect a more comfortable and passenger-friendly environment.


What Is The Full Form Of DL1?

(Data Language 1) An early database from IBM for its DOS/VSE mainframes. DL/1 is a modified version of IMS/DB.

What Is DL And 2s In Train?

Coaches denoted with “D” in special trains are second seating coaches. 2S is a Non AC class coach which are the cheapest class to travel by the Indian Railways. This class is common in most daytime Intercity and Janshatabdi trains. It has 2 ac chair car coaches, 1 executive class coach and 10 non-ac chair car coaches.

Is DL A General Coach?

Which is the DL coach in a train? DL coach is 2nd sitting coach connected with luggage portion of a train placed next to engine and last compartment of a train.

What Is The Meaning Of D1 Coach?

D1, D2… are non – AC chair car coaches. You have to reserve the tickets for that and you will get seat no. for that. 3 seats in a row and same in the opposite.

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