What Is Coupe In Train?

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Train journeys offer a unique travel experience, with various accommodation types catering to different passenger needs and preferences. Among the diverse compartments available, the “Coupe” stands out as a distinct and sought-after accommodation on trains in different parts of the world. Let’s delve into what a Coupe is, its features, and the experience it offers to train travelers.

What Is Coupe In Train?

A Coupe refers to a private or semi-private compartment within a train, offering a more secluded and intimate travel experience compared to open seating or regular coach accommodations. It typically consists of a small, enclosed space designed to accommodate a limited number of passengers, providing an exclusive area for their journey.

Features Of A Coupe

  • Privacy and Seclusion: Coupes offer a level of privacy and seclusion, providing passengers with their enclosed space away from the general seating areas.
  • Limited Occupancy: Typically designed for a smaller number of passengers, a Coupe may accommodate two to four individuals, allowing for a more personalized and exclusive travel experience.
  • Comfort and Amenities: Coupes often provide comfortable seating arrangements, sometimes with convertible beds or berths for overnight journeys. They may also include amenities such as reading lights, storage space, and adjustable seating for added comfort.
  • Accessibility: Some trains feature Coupes that are easily accessible, situated near washrooms, dining cars, or other essential facilities, ensuring convenience for passengers.

Experience Of Traveling In A Coupe

  • Exclusivity: Passengers traveling in a Coupe enjoy an exclusive and intimate space, providing a sense of privacy and comfort during the journey.
  • Comfortable Journey: The enclosed nature of a Coupe allows passengers to relax, unwind, and enjoy the scenic views or engage in activities without the distractions commonly found in open seating areas.
  • Personalized Service: In certain train services, passengers in a Coupe may receive personalized service, such as attendant assistance, meal delivery, or other onboard amenities.
  • Ideal for Small Groups or Families: Coupes are suitable for small groups of friends or families traveling together, offering a private space to spend time together during the journey.

Availability And Types Of Coupes

Coupes are available on various trains worldwide, ranging from luxury and high-speed trains to standard long-distance services. While some Coupes are more basic in design and amenities, others on premium services offer luxurious accommodations with additional services.


The Coupe compartment in trains presents a unique and sought-after accommodation option for passengers seeking privacy, comfort, and a more intimate travel experience. Whether on a standard or luxury train service, the Coupe provides a secluded space where passengers can enjoy the journey in a more personalized and relaxed setting, making train travel an even more enjoyable and memorable experience.


How Do You Get Coupe In 1ac?

When you book a First Class AC ticket you will get the only Status of Reservation, not the seat number. If the passenger gives verbal or written request (on the same reservation form) for allotment of Coupe then the booking clerk selects ‘CP’ option in PRS system (offline booking of railway ticket)

What Is Difference Between Coupe And Cabin?

A coupe is great for those who want a bit more privacy, as it has four berths and curtains that can be drawn to separate the compartments. On the other hand, a cabin offers more space and seating options with six berths in two rows of three. It’s also easier to move around in if you need to get up during the journey.

Is Coupe Available For Unmarried Couples?

An unmarried couple can travel in a trains 1st class AC coupe. There is nothing to bar the unmarried couple from doing do. But, you cannot be guaranteed to get a coupe. The coupe reservations have a prioritization.

Can 3 People Travel In Coupe?

The berth number/coupe/cabin is allocated only when the chart is made (6 to 12 hours before the travel time). When booking a ticket on First AC, you have 2 choices – Coupe or Cabin. A coupe is meant for 2 people while a cabin is for 4.

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