What is AWS Market Place?

AWS Marketplace is a buyer and seller online shop launched by Amazon in 2012. It enables a user to buy and sell software that runs on Amazon Web Services.

A company uses the AWS Marketplace to market and sell its AWS-approved software products; Amazon oversees sellers and products in the AWS Marketplace to verify their reliability, ethics and security levels. Amazon also controls all billing and payment options through AWS user information. Software sold in the AWS Marketplace aims to add value to current AWS public cloud services; it is available in a variety of software categories.

Once the software has been purchased from the AWS Marketplace, the end-user downloads and deploys it. This can be learned from the AWS training in Chennai. AWS maintains all billing, payment collection, and reporting records through user accounts; buyers and sellers access the products through the AWS Management Console. Software purchased on the AWS Marketplace can be used across a variety of categories.

Software sold in the AWS Marketplace covers a range of categories, including operating systems, security, networking, storage, business intelligence, databases, DevOps and software-as-a-service subscriptions. Developer tools are also available in the AWS Marketplace.

Software is made available to a user through an Amazon Machine Image format, which provides the user with all the necessary information to run the software with existing programs in his or her environment.  

The AWS Marketplace replaced Amazon DevPay as the online store for cloud application software between users and the company.  

What are the Benefits of AWS Private Marketplace?

  • Improves Product Visibility
    Listing products in the AWS Marketplace provides excellent visibility as the products are available to a large community of AWS users who are looking for software products. The search tools of AWS Marketplace help organically expose relevant products to potential customers. Amazon Marketplace is a significant advantage for both sellers and buyers.
  • Enhance Credibility
    AWS Marketplace manages the list of product and service vendors, so AWS customers can be confident about the software and service vendors listed on AWS Marketplace. A dedicated AWS team scans and reviews products before listing them in the AWS Marketplace. AWS-approved products build customer trust and confidence.
  • Easy Billing and Deployment
    AWS Marketplace takes care of all the billing and the deployment of products sold and provides a monthly payment to the vendors. AWS Marketplace helps vendors avoid problems, inconveniences, and costs associated with the entire billing and payment process. Customers also experience an easy billing process.
  • Free Trials
    Through AWS Marketplace, the companies that leverage services and products for hourly-based pricing can offer built-in trials to their customers. This not only helps customers choose the services they need but also allows companies to provide trials to the customers without having to develop their infrastructure. 
  • Flexible Pricing
    The products and services sold as Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) through AWS Marketplace can be billed on an hourly or monthly basis. This is one of the most significant benefits of using AWS Marketplace. It allows billing in one place, and the product vendors do not need to develop a dedicated billing infrastructure. 
  • Flexible Annual Subscriptions
    Amazon Marketplace offers a new annual subscription payment model. The yearly subscription is automatic, easy-to-use, and allows enterprises to offer great discounts to long-term customers and receive more revenue upfront.
  • Delivery and Tracking Reports
    AWS Marketplace has a robust mechanism that ensures only the employees of an enterprise subscribed to the listed products of a vendor can use the services. Amazon Marketplace provides automatically generated reports to share the subscribed customer’s information. The error-free mechanism ensures vendors can deliver services successfully while maintaining the security of the customers.

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