Top 5 Crypto Affiliate Programs

Cryptocurrency is a hot topic in the financial industry, and many people are eager to get involved. The 2008 banking crisis triggered widespread distrust of FIAT currencies, which led to the rise of Bitcoin and decentralized finance. In just a decade, the cryptocurrency industry has grown to be worth more than $2 trillion. As more and more investors invest in this new asset class, merchants are rolling out a variety of products to meet the demand. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which crypto affiliate programs are the most trustworthy and worthwhile.

Here are some of the top crypto affiliate programs to consider for your cryptocurrency marketing efforts:


A household name in the cryptocurrency world, this centralized exchange offers a lucrative affiliate program and a wide range of products and services. This includes spot and futures trading, indices, OTC trading, margin trading, accounts, staking, and more. The company’s high-end product offerings, robust security measures, and competitive commission rates make it a great choice for any affiliate looking to promote their brand.


Founded in 2011, this US-based exchange is one of the most respected crypto assets platforms. Its reputation for security and transparency makes it a favorite among advanced crypto traders. It also has a large selection of cryptocurrencies and offers various trading services such as margin trading, OTC trading, and account management. The Kraken affiliate program offers 20 percent recurring revenue on all transaction fees, making it one of the best crypto affiliate programs for beginner and experienced crypto affiliates alike.


Another highly profitable crypto affiliate program, Paybis pays out a generous 30% of the trading fee for every verified user that clicks on your referral link and makes a trade. The cookie lasts for 90 days, so even if your referral takes a break from trading for a few months and then returns, you’ll continue to earn your monthly payments. This is a rare feature among crypto affiliate programs, which usually limit recurring payouts to months or trading cycles.


Simple Swap is a crypto exchange that’s aimed at users who want to swap more than 500 different cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. They have a wide selection of payment methods, easy-to-use APIs, and a low withdrawal limit. This combination of features has made them a popular choice for crypto traders and an excellent option for affiliate marketers.


This innovative tax software lets users import data from their crypto exchanges and wallets to calculate their taxes in minutes. Then they can export their forms into TurboTax or TaxAct or send them to their tax professionals. Thousands of affiliates are already earning a healthy income from promoting CoinLedger to their audiences, as this solution is a much-needed and trusted tool for crypto investors. Their attractive commission rates, fast signup process, and high average order value make this a top crypto affiliate program to consider.