How To Choose The Right Oil Filter For Your Car?

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Most car owners get confused while choosing the oil filters. Mechanics, car owners, retail clerks and installers have different opinions when it comes to oil filters. In reality, the correct oil filter needs to have a customised reason. Car owners and their driving are different. 

When it comes to oil filters, the approach of fits-all size does not apply. You should know that for the engine mounting post on spin-on motor oil, the threads have to be the thread pitch and diameter. 

The threads can be damaged and cause a leak that holds the oil filter stable if you try to install an oil filter on a metric thread engine with SAE threads. The oil filter can loosen up due to the mismatched threads resulting in immediate damage of oil charge and oil pressure. 

You have to understand the oil filters to find the suitable one. The best-suited oil filters can expand your car’s performance and fix the damaged ones. You can choose to buy a car oil filter from according to your budget. In this article, we will discuss how to choose the right oil filter for your car.

Choose the best-fit oil filter:

The size of the oil filter depends on the size of the engine which is developed for it. Most of the design cues of the filters depend on the specification of the manufacturer. 

You have to prepare yourself with the design and size elements while choosing an oil filter that fits the engine of your car perfectly. You can find the perfect oil filter when these factors are met and won’t lead to any problem. So, proper research on the design and size has to be done before selecting.     

Don’t forget the pricing:

At several price ranges in the market, various kinds of oil filters are available. You can choose to buy a car oil filter from boodmo according to your budget. 

In terms of the cost and based on your mindset, you can compare the oil filters provided by the suppliers to get the best deal. Through this, you will get the best oil filter for your car at the best deal. The manufacturer’s brand name of the product varies the cost of your product.  

Bigger is not better:

You have to keep in mind that just because the auto parts are big, does not mean it has to be a great oil filter while looking for the perfect oil filter. You have to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer that will be mentioned in the guide. 

Even if a bigger filter fits the engine of your automobile, it does not mean that you go for the better filter. It might include a bypass valve rating and separate filter media rather than the right filter. 

Inspect it carefully:

You have to know that you can get better filtration opportunities when you choose a filter with a heavy amount of pleats. You can find these filters through their micron range. Micron rating refers to the capacity of the filter for the removal of small particles. 

Ensure to check the number of microns as it should range from 3-10. Try to avoid the filters that seem cardboard-like and look for the filters that have an ending with a metal cap. 

To meet the requirements of the engine, ensure that you have an oil filter wrench and an oil filter adapter. Before you install the oil filter in your car, make sure that you thoroughly inspect it. 


You will see that there are many kinds of oil filters in the market based on material. Some of the materials determine the ability and effectiveness of the oil filter. Such materials of an oil filter are synthetic, steel and paper. 

Also, it determines the longevity of an oil filter once it starts servicing in your automotive. As a result, we recommend you choose oil filters that can hold up to shock-loading and high temperatures regularly.    


With that, we have concluded this article. We hope we could help you with how to choose the right oil filter for your car that we mentioned above after thorough research for you. You can browse the oil filter catalogue on the web if you want a high-quality oil filter. 

You can compare and get the best deal from the suppliers that provide the price list of the oil filters. You must use a high-quality oil filter once you change the oil in your car. The longevity of your engine will be affected when you don’t change the oil at the right time or use poor quality oil. 

A poor quality filter can be harmful to your engine. You can end up with a repairing bill for using the poor quality filter. The oil filter should be changed when the oil is changed. Each time the oil circulates through the engine, the oil filter cleanses the oil and blocks the metal pieces to prevent engine damage.

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