Exploring The Eco Friendly Green Diamonds

Entire world is changed with the advancement in technology. Diamonds created in labs are becoming so popular these days as compared to the diamonds obtained with the mining process. Among different kinds of diamonds, green diamonds are of great concern for many due to the uniqueness, elegance, and style. In this article, we will explain the importance of green diamonds. We will also share features, process, and other details about lab created green diamonds.

Let us get started.

Lab Created Green Diamonds Defined

Diamonds formed in the controlled environment in the laboratory are the lab created green diamonds. They are also known as synthetic diamonds and some call them cultured diamonds. These diamonds are not obtained from long earth mining but they are very similar to the natural diamonds obtained from the mining of the earth in terms of quality, durability, shine, and beauty. People in the diamond business get these lab created green diamonds in a few weeks rather than getting them in years.

Formation of Lab Created Green Diamonds

Do you want to know how such diamonds are formed within just weeks? No worries, here we will explain the two basic methods of creating the green diamonds. Both methods are enlisted below;

  • High pressure high temperature
  • Chemical vapor deposition
  • Let us dig out a bit in detail.
  • High Pressure High Temperature

High pressure high temperature (HPHT) is the diamond formation process in which a small seed is subjected to the high temperature and high pressure. A carbon source with a green color element usually called as nickel is also added in it. During this process, carbon elements form crystals of green color on the diamond seed which is called a lab created green diamond under process of high pressure high temperature.

Chemical Vapor Deposition

A chemical vapor deposition (CVD) is another method to make a lab-created diamond in which a seed is subjected in a chamber which is filled with the gas rich of carbon; for example methane. During heating of the gas, the carbon atoms are separated from the gas to settle on the subject seed. This forms the layers and makes a green diamond.

Unique Features of The Lab Created Green Diamonds

In this section of the article, you will explore the different features of the green diamonds. Keep reading it till the end so you understand what green diamonds actually offer.

  • These diamonds are in multiple shades to offer a variety in green color shades starting from tea green to castleton green. The shade depends on the amount of nickel and the gas used during the formation process.
  • Lab created diamonds are similar to natural diamonds.
  • They offer durability to their users and jewelry lovers.
  • They are environmentally friendly as compared to the mined diamonds. The process to form these diamonds contains less energy consumption that does not lead towards habitat destruction and carbon gas emissions.
  • Diamonds obtained during earth mining are expensive so budget conscious people can enjoy the style and luxury with affordable lab created diamonds.
  • No child labour and forced labour is involved in the process. The process needs to have experienced professionals who can deal with the lab instruments and elements used in this process.
  • The process is simple, sustainable, transparent, and ethical.
  • Lab created diamonds only take a few weeks whereas mined diamonds take years to obtain.

Scope of Lab Created Green Diamonds

These diamonds will get more popular in the future because of the increase in the awareness to keep the environment safe and good for people. Because of technological advances, manufacturers are looking for more innovative ways to create these diamonds in their laboratories and doing extensive research and development to offer greater quality diamonds. People are expecting to have the standard of luxury and different options in their jewelry.

Final Thoughts

So, this is it! In concluding remarks, lab created green diamonds offer sustainable and ethical aspects to life so they are getting popular with time. Compared to the mind diamonds, they take less time, effort, energy, and water during their creation process. They are eco friendly, offer variety, and enhance the customer’s satisfaction. Have an amazing diamond based jewelry collection in your jewelry box and shine bright during your events!