Detailed Information About Sheena Melwani Career And Family

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Detailed Information About Sheena Melwani Career And Family

Sheena Melwani is an American-Canadian model, YouTube, TikTok, songwriter, up-coming Bollywood actress, and many more. She was born to Indian parents, so her origin is in India. She is very popular for her YouTube prank videos and for her tiktok lip-syncing videos. She has around 380 K subscribers on YouTube. Apart from this, Sheena is also recognized for her singing performance in various live events. 

Melwani has become famous due to social media platforms and the latest technologies. She sings the cover song on her channel, which people often love more than the real one. Her personal information like her age, date of birth, boyfriend, husband, and many more things are mentioned below in this paragraph. 


Sheena’s family is a happy family, which includes her husband. Sheena Melwani husband name is Dinesh Melwani. He is also an Indian who lives in Canada, and Dinesh is a lawyer by profession. Apart from this, he is also a social media influencer. Sheena doesn’t want to reveal the face of her husband, and because of that, her husband appears in an animated mask in her videos. 

Dinesh and Sheena have two kids, a son, and a daughter. She used to post a lot of pictures whit her kids, usually while playing or traveling to new places. Sheena has never revealed the name of her children publically, so there is no information about them. You can have an idea by watching her Instagram posts of how much she loves to spend time with her family. The family is currently living in the United States of America.

Sheena Melwani net worth: how rich is she?

Melwani was always a hardworking child; she started practicing singing songs when she was very young, and she became famous for making cover songs. Her net worth is around 3– 4 million United States dollars. She has a lot of sources from where she earns, such as YouTube, brand deal money, Paid promotions, and influencing income for social media platforms. She also performs at live events, which is also a good income source. 

Sheena owns and lives in a house that is situated in Boston, Massachusetts, and the approximate worth of her house is around $ 600 K US dollars. Additionally, Sheena has luxurious cars like BMW and Mercedes. She has also collaborated with popular big brands, and she runs her own website. She created her wealth with hard work. She gained popularity over a short period of time because of her sweet and sensational voice. 

Some details about Sheena Melwani husband

Dine Melwani was born to Indian parents on 30th June 1978, and he is 43 years old today; due to his good fitness, he looks like he is 32 or something. He maintained and kept himself a very perfect and fit body. His height is 5 feet 7 inches which is not so tall according to the average Canadian height, but in India, 5.7 is big enough because the average Indian height is less than 5.7, and weight is 65 Kg which shows a perfect body mass index (BMI). Dinesh spends little time in Mumbai but was born in Chandigarh. After a few years, his family moved to Pakistan, and most of his childhood days were spent in Pakistan. 

Dinesh Melwani went to McGill University in Canada, Montreal, and started practicing law there. Sheena and Dinesh first met in Canada and decided to date each other. Sheena loves real novels and books related to music, and she performed with many famous personalities. Holi is her favorite festival; she likes to enjoy the day of color with her family.