Are you a fresher thinking about interview preparation?

Most job aspirants feel nervous during interview preparation for a job despite having a good knowledge of their subject. It’s important to understand that interview questions are not about testing knowledge. Usually, recruiters look for qualities such as the presence of mind, attitude, clarity of thoughts, ability to work in a team and sync with company culture in a candidate. A candidate may have all these qualities. However, a good idea about the type of interview questions and answers for freshers that could be asked can undoubtedly be helpful for any job seeker, especially if you are a fresher.

The question may be open-ended or explicitly related to the nature of the job; it will require a crisp and clear response from the candidate. This article will help you prepare for the interview and respond smartly to the challenging questions. We will achieve this by bringing a list of common interview questions and answers for freshers. It will increase your confidence to go through stressful situations smoothly and leave a lasting impression on the interviewers. So let’s begin with the most common interview questions first. 

Q1. Please tell us something about you.

It’s how a regular interview begins. This question intends to check your communication skills and confidence level to see how well you present yourself. It would be best if you gave a personalized answer about your educational background, past achievements, professional skills, family background, etc. However, you should avoid discussing things that have already been mentioned in your resume. Ideally, the introduction should be short and exciting. Taking the conversation toward your skills that align with the job description is better.

 Q2. Why are you interested in this job? 

It’s a fundamental question, and you need to be thorough with the job description. Give all the reasons that interested you in the job and how your skill set matches the desired skills. 

 Q3. Tell us about yourself in one word.

It’s a straightforward yet very tricky question. Be spontaneous while answering this question. Use this opportunity to describe yourself as mature, flexible, logical, curious, go-getter, etc. What attribute you choose is optional; be ready to explain the same to the interviewer. The interviewer should never get the feeling that you have mentioned them for the sake of it. You can also support your point through an appropriate real-life example. 

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 Q4. Tell us about your hobbies.

Please don’t take it lightly because the interviewer aims to judge your personality. Try to think of a personalized answer while going through your interview preparation. Tell them about your hobbies, such as painting, creative writing, singing, gardening, reading about your favorite character, or learning a new language. You can mention anything that interests you. However, ensure that the hobby shouldn’t interfere with your work life. 

 Q5. Tell us about your long-term goals. 

It’s one of the most challenging questions on the list of interview questions and answers for freshers. The recruiter is curious to know about your plans, and the best way to answer this question is by sharing your optimistic ambitions. You can tell them about your plans and how the current job role can help you achieve them. Therefore, if you plan to grow in the finance department, convince the interviewers how the current assignment will provide you with the necessary skills. 

 Q6. Why do you want to work with us?

The recruiter wants to know how well you know about the company. Therefore, do thorough research to learn about the organization during interview preparation. Include an idea about the company’s core strength in your answer, stating how it can help you to grow in your career.

 Q7. How much do you know about our organization?

This question is almost identical to the last question. Before appearing for the interview, read as much about the company as possible and try to understand its journey. It will give you a good idea about how to answer this question. The interviewer’s purpose is also to judge your level of interview preparation. Therefore, detailed research about the company and its operation will be helpful for you to negotiate such questions successfully. Besides, it will also show your seriousness in the job.

 Q8. What is your motivation for doing a good job?

It’s an open-ended question where the recruiter is interested in knowing what keeps you going. Take your time in mentioning the factors that keep you motivated. For example, it could be anything – job satisfaction, professional achievement, curiosity, or the penchant for gathering new skills. You never know; the interviewers may want to know whether you are satisfied with the role offered. Tell them what you seek in the job or the company culture. 

We hope these interview questions and answers for freshers will tremendously help you in job searchAlthough interviewers may ask many other questions, but these are the most important frequently asked ones.