7 Movies That Are Sure to Make You Cry

Crying can be therapeutic sometimes and may release pent-up stress. So watching a movie that gets your emotions going is probably a good idea. While you may get chills with a horror movie or get yourself into laughter fits with a comedy movie, there’s nothing like watching a movie that offers an emotional gamut.

Not all movies that make your heart fuller end on a sad note, some of them have happy endings too. You can find such movies on Disney Plus, Netflix and many other streaming platforms as well.

Here’s a list of 7 of these that encompass all such emotions but don’t forget to have a tissue box beside you:

Pieces of a Woman:

Pieces of a Woman is a Netflix release of 2020 that is bound to move you. It is a story of how a series of unfortunate events followed by a home birth changes everything around a woman. From losing the child to issues related to the burial and the marriage falling apart, it takes us over the tragedy of coping with the loss.

The director has done a wonderful job and used Apples metaphorically. For example, when it is established that the relationship has faded away, a rotten apple has been used as a metaphor.

The movie winds up on a beautiful note of a fully grown apple tree representing the protagonist’s personal growth.

Marriage Story:

The story is about a couple who struggle with their relationship and ultimately seek divorce. But, unfortunately, the whole process of how a divorce gets ugly and a once beautiful relationship is now turned grotesque due to the court fights.

The movie climax is extremely surreal when the couple’s child asks the father to read the note written by his mom that she wrote when they were seeking relationship counselling. The note mentions the things she loves about her husband – which he gets an emotional reading. 

The Theory of Everything:

This movie celebrates the life of physicist Stephen Hawking. A brilliant cosmologist, who despite his illness, continued to pave his way through success. The way they realistically portrayed his struggles coping with his illness will touch the chords of anyone’s heart.

His life ideology is based on his quote that oozes positivity as he talks about hope no matter what you go through. Hence, he continued to have a successful marriage and was blessed with three children.

P.S. I Love You:

A beautiful tale of a lovely couple who have a perfect life and the husband’s sudden demise, Gerry, to brain tumour leaves Holly shattered. She detaches herself from everything but later tries to get back to normal life when things change. 

She receives a cake with a letter from Gerry to motivate her. Then, she receives letters with different messages that her late husband had arranged for her as time goes by.

Though her family perceives that the letters make her hold on to the past, in reality, they help her re-discover herself. 

Five Feet Apart:

You need a tissue box for this movie! Five Feet Apart is based on Stella’s life, a cystic fibrosis patient who must stay five feet away from other C.F. patients to avoid cross-infection. She meets Will, who is admitted for a clinical trial in the same hospital. The two end up falling for each other, and the story progresses into how Will takes the risk to save Stella’s life.

Towards the movie’s end, Stella continues to live after her successful lung transplant, while the premise implies that Will passes away.

The Farewell:

The Farewell focuses on the family bond of Eastern cultures. Billi, a Chinese American, shares a close bond with her paternal grandmother in China. As the family finds out that the grandmother, Nai Nai, has terminal lung cancer, they plan a family reunion in China by camouflaging it as a cousin’s marriage. 

Billi’s family doesn’t want her to attend the wedding as they fear she may reveal the illness to Nai Nai. Billi assures her family she will be tight-lipped, but she confronts her family to tell Nai Nai about her illness.

This beautiful movie makes us realize how we all will experience the loss of our loved ones, and we should always value every moment spent with them.

Me Before You:

Some love stories don’t have a happy ending. However, in this movie’s case, the sad ending is a choice to let the other person move on.

I before You revolves around Will, who has tetraplegia and has decided to go through assisted suicide. His parents employ Lou as his caregiver in the hope she helps Will decide against assisted suicide.

The two eventually fall in love, but Will sticks to his plan, goes for assisted suicide, and leaves money for Lou to help her follow her dreams.


All the seven movies mentioned will make you emotional, but each has a lesson behind it. There have been several movies in the previous years that did portray the setbacks and how people overcome them. The important lesson here is that behind every misfortune, there is a lesson. It is only a matter of us realizing and becoming aware. Once we become aware, we only grow. 


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