What is the Best Way to Earn a Regular Income?

Berry Mathew

What is the Best Way to Earn a Regular Income?

With growing expenditures and soaring prices for every single thing, it has become essential for people to have an option for multiple income sources. Meeting all the expenses from one source of income is becoming very challenging for people. Who doesn’t like regular income in addition to the monthly salary? Undoubtedly, each one of us. 

We often question its possibility. But, today one can invest in certain plans and get a regular income. These plans are basically saving plans and regular income plans that guarantee a regular income through the return of premium. 

In addition to this, there are multiple plans other than saving plans as well. Here in this article, we have compiled all the investment options you can try and invest in to have a regular income in addition to your salary. 

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Ways to Earn Regular Income

  • Fixed Deposits or FDs

Fixed deposits or popularly known as FDs are the most common investment strategy for generating consistent regular income.  You can have the interest transferred to your savings account monthly, quarterly or yearly. The predicted returns differ. It ranges from 3% to 7% for the general public. This varies with the interest rate cycle. This is a guaranteed regular income investment that you can trust. 

  • Regular Income Plans

Investing in money-saving plans, such as Fortune Guarantee Plus or FG+ of Tata AIA Life Insurance Plans, is simple and, in most situations, can be done online. You can choose the regular income option on the maturity of the plan, and you will receive the maturity amount as regular income. 

  • Senior Citizen Saving Scheme (SCSS)

Another saving policy that you can consider is the Senior Citizen Saving Scheme or SCSS. It is once again a popular investment choice for seniors. The interest is deposited into the bank account quarterly. Since this deposit is insured by the Government of India, there seems to be no credit risk. The proposed interest rate is greater than that of most institutions. SCSS investments of up to Rs 1.5 lakhs are tax deductible under Section 80C.

  • Arbitrage Mutual Funds

A Systematic Withdrawal Plan in Debt Funds can be utilised to create consistent revenue. These funds offer returns comparable to bank FDs but are financially prudent if the SWP is held for over three years. Arbitrage Funds can also be substituted for Debt Funds. Arbitrage has the advantage of being tax-free after one year. Earnings are now more financially prudent than fixed deposits, making them more appropriate for those in higher tax brackets. It’s simple to handle. Everything is possible online.

  • Mutual Funds with MIPs or Monthly Income Plans

Investing in Mutual Funds with a monthly income plan is also one of the best ways to earn a regular income. In this, money is majorly invested in debt instruments. However, the interest which is accumulated is distributed amongst the investors on a timely basis. Moreover, monthly income plans are less risky, which is ideally best for investors who have a less risk appetite as well as require regular income flow. 


Regular income is vital since it provides stability and happiness that you do not have to worry about the rest. You will be less anxious if you know you will have a consistent income to cover your future needs. It also helps to regulate your personal finances and plan the subsequent few purchases online. Hence, invest in the above-mentioned regular income plans that suit your requirement and budget the best to have a regular income.