what is the best starter still for moonshine


Moonshine is a type of whiskey that has been illegal to make and sell in the United States since 1920. Moonshine stills are used to distill moonshine and other spirits, and they can be made from a variety of materials including copper, stainless steel, or aluminum. The best moonshine still for beginners will vary depending on your budget and needs as well as the type of moonshine you plan on making.

The B5 Whiskey Still

The B5 Whiskey Still is a small, portable skill that can be used to distill moonshine. It’s made from stainless steel and has a one-gallon capacity.

To use the B5 Whiskey Still:

  • Place your gallon jug in its cradle on the top of your B5 Whiskey Still
  • Add water (or other liquid) through its spigot until it reaches 1/3 full or so (this will depend on how much you want to make)
  • Screw down all four bottle caps with screws provided by the manufacturer

The Whoolie Microstill

The Whoolie Microstill is made from stainless steel and designed to be easy to use, easy to clean, and great for beginners. It can be used as a distilling still or as an alcohol still by using the included conversion kit. With its small size, this device will fit easily into any cabin or garage without taking up too much space. The Whoolie Microstill is also good for distilling alcohol at home because it doesn’t require any special equipment or facilities as larger stills do.

The Allomalt Stills

The Allomalt Still is a great way to make moonshine, but it’s not for everyone. The Allomalt Still is best used in conjunction with a Corn Husk Still or another similar device. It can also be used on its own as a backup or supplemental still.

The best way to use an Allomalt Still is by using it as part of your regular harvest season, especially if you want to take advantage of the higher proof levels that come from using this type of product versus traditional stills made out of copper or stainless steel. If possible, try not to use them too often because they require more maintenance (such as cleaning) than standard stills do; otherwise, they may become damaged due to corrosion over time!

If you plan on making moonshine regularly then consider purchasing multiple smaller versions so that each member of your family knows how exactly everything works together before going into production mode later down the road.”

The Lincoln Still

The Lincoln Still is a small, portable skill that can be used for moonshine and other spirits. It has a copper boiler and a condenser, which are both made from stainless steel.


As you can see, there are a lot of different types of stills you can use for your moonshine. It’s important to know what kind will work best for your specific needs so that you don’t waste money or time on something that isn’t going to produce what you want. We hope this guide has helped with finding out which one would be best suited for beginners!