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Salesforce lightning is predicted to be one of the biggest game-changers in the nearest future. You can start your career by enrolling in a Salesforce training institute in Chennai. But what is the reason for the Salesforce lightning system’s popularity? Let’s see some quick statistics now.

Every conversation with your client is important. Your conversation with your clients oftentimes decides your organization’s success/ future in general. As per several reports, currently, over 89 percentile businesses utilize this system for the same purpose. As a rough estimate, this system is being used to manage over 1 million such conversations every year.

There comes a moment every financial year, where you have to fix the year’s budget. In the budget, you will have to allot some sum to rectify technical mistakes in your organization. To be honest, the sum would be pretty huge. It is also true that this budget sometimes would be very small for that year’s happening. 

In any instance, a small mistake can cost you a huge sum. What if there is a solution that would reduce such a sum to a great extent. To put a rough number, how about almost half your planned sum? According to several organizations, they are now able to save up to 43 percentile in contrast to their original budget plan with the help of the salesforce lightning system. This was possible by reducing the number of mistakes that happen in the organization.

The above-mentioned are a couple of the instances why salesforce lightning is becoming more relevant with every passing year. You can learn Salesforce to know more. Now it is time to know the interesting features of the salesforce lightning system.



With no doubt, it is a fact that all assistants are smart; be it your office assistant, or the virtual assistant, or anything of such sort. The salesforce lightning system works in a way that matches the benchmark of excellence, wit, and perfection that real-time assistants have been setting all throughout the years. However, it is important to note that the system’s assistant is extremely handy and easy to use. You will get a simple notification along with the relevant details on your screen. The notification is inclusive of both upcoming tasks and pending tasks. This will help you to prioritize your tasks accordingly. As of now, developers are working towards making the assistant system smarter; every update makes the assistant system a little closer to the intelligence of real-time assistants.


Remember the time when you are given a task to continue the previous person’s work? At such times, you may experience a considerable delay; this is due to technical issues, the availability of the respective person, and more of such sort. Another issue with relying on another person’s words is the degree of human error. This means that the respective person might not be able to state the relevant data/ information precisely; for, they might have simply forgotten a few things in the course of time or due to their involvement in their work. In any instance, you would feel some discomfort. However, with the timeline provided on the task sheet by the salesforce lightning system, you will be able to see each and every one of the changes made throughout the task. The function enables you to do other relevant functions such as logging a call and creation of a new event. The system enables you to perform a range of email functions too.

Following the interesting features, now it is time to see the applicability range of the salesforce lightning system.


If you are in the sales department, you would know the importance of every sale in the organization. What if there is a bunch of features that are going to enable you to make more sales happen every day, and every year? With every latest update of the salesforce lightning system, such features are being rolled. The preliminary aim of such features is to make your work hours more productive, and subsequently, make more business happen for the organization. Such features are being rolled out regularly based on several statistics where it was said that salespersons have continuously been on the lookout for features that enhance sales to a good degree. You can know more by checking this Salesforce tutorial

Another interesting feature that would benefit salespersons is the “lightning voice” feature. This feature helps you to interact with your clients and take relevant notes simultaneously too.


Speaking of conversation with the clients, it is very important that you provide excellent customer support to your clients. For, a simple gesture can bring a dozen more clients to your organization. However, it is also reasonable to wonder about the limitations of human resource availability/ performance. While few might consider a simple “hello” as a good manner, few others might consider “hello” as not a good part of customer interaction etiquettes. This is where the salesforce lightning comes into play. Integrated as a part of the organization’s chatbox, the technology will formulate the chats in such a way that even highly complicated queries are easily resolved.

Learn Salesforce in detail by watching this video:


The salesforce lightning system is set to make big changes in the industry. It is offering several interesting updates every time too. By implementing the system today in your organization’s functionality, you are sure to gain a lot of benefits from it.

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