Top Lip-smacking Indore Foods You Must Try 

Indore is a treasure trove for food-lovers. Those who have still not experienced the intense food culture in Indore are definitely missing out on something special in life. Whether you are a local or a tourist passing by, you can opt for online food orders in Indore to enjoy its unique delicacies.  

Tourist-wise, Indore is famous for the Central Museum and the Lal Bagh Palace. The food scene in this famous city is another major reason why people from all over the country love visiting this city. The street food in Indore serves to be an amalgamation of the divine cuisines available in Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan. Still, famous food shops and stops here in the city have somehow managed to make unique dishes for themselves with specific uniqueness. You can enjoy amazing local street food in Indore at highly affordable rates.

Best Local Foods to Try in Indore  

The best part is that you can opt for online food order in Indore for your overall ease. Once you try its unique dishes, you are assured to visit the city again -just for the food you get here. Some best dishes you can try out in Indore as you are visiting the city are: 

  1. Dahi Vada 

It is one of the most famous local dishes to try out in Indore. Dahi Vada serves to be a staple dish in almost every eatery and shop. The dish features a Vada or a fried form of batter made out of lentils. Then, it is sipped in good amounts of yogurt while being topped with chaat masala and spice mix.  

The makers of Dahi Vada prepare them with abundance of essential ingredients. They would often toss the vada in the air -almost like preparing the pizza base or roomali roti. The vadas tend to be immensely filling. You can obtain the perfectly tangy flavor from the yogurt to give your day a perfect start. The best part is that you can also select the option of online food delivery and order in Indore to get your dose of dahi vada.  

  1. Poha Jalebi 

Wherever you might be located in Indore, you will be at a walking distance from a nearby shop or kiosk serving hot, delicious poha. The best part is that delicious poha is available from the wee hours of the day -right from early morning to late afternoon hours. It is a delicious and healthy street food delicacy of Indore. It serves to be a great way to start your day when in Indore. 

The poha is steamed to perfection while being topped with the ubiquitous sev from Indore, a dash of lemon and a sprinkle of coriander, you will not be able to stop at a single serving. You can team the dish with spicy kachori for getting access to a completely new culinary experience. When you are having Indore local food, you can aim at doing it the local way by finishing your breakfast with mouth-water crispy jalebis. You can even opt for online services for food order in Indore to get the most out of your breakfast order.  

  1. Sabudana Khichdi 

You would not have thought that white, pearly, yet bland tapioca seeds or Sabudana would have made its way into the list of Indore street delicacies. It is a famous offering as far as street food in Indore is concerned. A mere plate of simple Sabudana Khichdi is capable of turning your mundane dishes into something magical with some sprinkling spices and some innovation. 

At a famous street-side vendor, you can witness the beauty of boiled sabudana getting mixed with a wide range of delicious namkeens and even crunchy chips to enhance the flavors of the otherwise plain dish. Sabudana Khichdi is topped with spices with a dash of coriander and lemon to make it a highly delicious version of the dish you might have ever had.  

  1. Khopra Patties 

With regard to the number of street food options that are unique to Indore and the presence of unique food vendors throughout the city, Indore is capable of winning the competition of creative food items along with ample variety all around.  

The dish of Khopra Patties features potato patties that are fried to perfection. The patties contain a delicious coconut filling along with a great serving of delicious tangy chutney. You can easily come across the delicious serving of Khopra Patties at the famous Vijay Chaat House -one of the sought-after places to have street food delicacies in Indore. The place serves a good display of these delicacies. You can also opt for online food delivery services in Indore to try this dish.  

  1. Egg Benjos 

The egg Benjos you will have at Johnny’s Hot Dogs are one of the most popular food items in Indore that you must try while going on a food trail across the city. In the typically vegetarian food landscape of the city, Egg Benjos at Johnny’s are quite famous amongst non-vegetarians. You can also enjoy mutton Benjos here. It is one of the most famous non-vegetarian dishes that feature a huge fan base amongst the youth.

One of the most famous combinations is a masala spicy omelette that is sandwiched between round soft buns served with ketchup and chutney. The vegetarian and mutton variants are also quite delicious. If you wish to enjoy this delicious dish in the comfort of your home or hotel, you can choose online food order services in Indore to get access to this famous local delicacy. 


If you are enticed by the smells and sights of delicious street foods, and if you are delighted by the thought of biting into aloo tikki or kachori, Indore is the place you should head to. The buzzling city continues staking its claim for serving as the top slot of being the food capital of the country. For the best-ever experience, you can choose the option to order food online in Indore while enjoying the local delicacies right in the comfort of your home or hotel. 

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