Top data science courses for beginners

You’re enthralled with numbers. You like deducing patterns from data, forecasting future events, and applying that knowledge to achieve organizational objectives.

You’re a complete novice when it comes to data science. You’ve probably heard the word before, and you may even know someone who works in the field. You’re also aware that it’s a high-demand field right now, and that even if you’re not interested in pursuing a career in data science, you should have some data science skills on your CV (and on your resume).

Data science course is a part of computer science engineering course. If you’re wondering what is computer science course, then it is defined as the study of computer technology dealing with theoretical and practical applications. If you wish to be a data scientist, then there are multiple data science certification courses available in the market that can help you excel in your career. 

Top Data Science Certification Courses for Beginners

  • Learn Python and Learn SQL, Codecademy

Want to gain a high-level understanding of Python or SQL before diving in? The free courses on Codecademy are a terrific way to get started learning the essentials for free.

  • The cost is nothing!
  • 7 hours (Python) / 25 hours (Python) (SQL)
  • Programming for Data Science, Udacity

In addition to teaching all of the technical fundamentals, such as Python, SQL, and Github, Udacity’s “nano degree program” allows you to collaborate with professionals and other students to guarantee you’re on the correct track and have your problems addressed.

  • Monthly fee: $50
  • Duration: 3 months, 10 hours every week
  • Introduction to Data Science Using Python, Udemy

This is a wonderful place to start if you want to start from the beginning. The session covers the fundamentals of data science and machine learning, as well as what a day in the life of a data scientist looks like and how Python fits into that picture.

  • The cost is nothing!
  • 12 talks in total (2 hours, 30 minutes)
  • Data Science Specialization, Coursera

This specialty is intended to cover the entire gamut, similar to the machine learning class but in a lengthier format. It emphasizes both data analysis and the soft skills required of a data scientist, such as forming judgments and asking the proper questions.

  • Monthly fee: $49
  • Duration: ten classes spread out over 3-6 months
  • Linear Algebra for Beginners: Open Doors to Great Careers, Skillshare

Linear algebra is, in fact, quite significant in data science. If you don’t want to go back to school, this course should suffice in a matter of days or weeks.

  • Monthly fee: $15
  • There are 44 videos in all with a total length of 44 minutes (6 hours, 51 minutes)


Data Science is a field of study that entails using diverse scientific methods, algorithms, and procedures to extract insights from large volumes of data. Data Science is a multidisciplinary field that allows you to extract knowledge from both organized and unstructured data.