Tips To Keep Your Singing Voice Healthy.

As a singer, your voice is your biggest asset. If your voice is maintained well, you can perform well. Hence, keeping your singing voice healthy is very important.

Sometimes, singers tend to unknowingly harm their voice. If your singing voice is not taken care of properly, it can adversely affect your overall singing. There are some basic things you need to know as a singer for maintaining a healthy singing voice.

This article will explore a few tips that can help you in maintaining your singing voice. Keep reading to know the effective tips for singers to keep their singing voice healthy!

  1. Start By Warming Up Well.

This is one of the most basic yet vital points to follow. A number of muscles are involved in singing and if you skip warming up it can not give them the required prep. 

Loosening your lips and jaw, blowing through your lips, sticking out your tongue are a few facial exercises. Making noise or humming and starting with a basic routine can be the warm up for your voice. These simple warm up techniques go a long way.

By following a fixed warm up routine of 10-20 minutes can prove to be beneficial for keeping your voice healthy.

  1. Keep Your Voice Hydrated.

Lubrication is necessary for your vocal folds to work well. If you sing with dry vocal cords it can affect your voice adversely. Hence, hydration is a key element for a healthy singing voice.

Keeping a water bottle next to you while practicing and drinking lukewarm water helps a lot. It avoids the irritation of dry vocal cords. Resultantly, your voice is not harmed.

The more water you drink, the better it is for your voice. So, grab that bottle every time you’re singing and keep your singing voice healthy.

  1. Avoid Harming Your Voice.

No singer will harm their voice intentionally. But some things are hazardous for our voice which we might know at times.

For singers, smoking is not only dangerous for their health, but also their career and passion. Every dust particle and pollutant passes over your vocal cords and damages it when you smoke. On the other hand, even though alcohol has no immediate damaging effect, it dehydrates your voice. 

Daily actions like screaming, telling and singing too harshly can be harmful for your voice too. If you pay attention to such factors, you can avoid harming your singing voice.

  1. Listen To Your Throat And Voice.

Don’t force yourself to sing. If your throat hurts, it’s better to not sing at that time. Similarly, if your voice is strained, you should avoid practicing.

As a singer, you need to listen to what your body is saying. That will be highly beneficial. Pain is our body’s way of telling us to take a break. 

Practicing vocal rest and taking care of yourself helps in keeping your voice healthy.

  1. End With A Proper Cool Down.

Cooling down holds importance in your routine. Just like warming up preps your voice, cooling down calms it down and gives it a proper closure.

Take some time to settle your voice back to it’s normal speaking range after your practice. Your vocal health is supported by practicing cool down exercises. Releasing built up tension, yawning, descending your voice and so on are simple ways to cool down.

Take 8-10 minutes to cool down and you can witness your singing voice staying healthier than usual.

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