The Pro Guide to Top Dos and Don’ts of Meme Marketing

Memes are becoming increasingly popular with marketers trying to connect with the younger generation that typically ignores or dislikes conventional advertising and brand promotion exercises. With their sharp humor or sarcasm, memes have the power to cut through the clutter on the social media feeds and delight users and help brands build authentic relationships with their target audiences. However, to be successful, marketers need to get their meme marketing right, else they run the risk of becoming the object of ridicule or worse, and damage their brand and relationships. An insight into the top dos and don’ts of meme marketing:

What You Should Do to Make Your Memes Successful

Even though on the face of it, memes are simple combinations of images and funny Instead of fretting, you can explore the vast and rich library of witty memes offered on the meme generator you can easily get your hands on relatable content to ignite laughter in your audience. captions, there are quite a few factors that can make or break it. Meme marketers will do well to keep the following in mind to ensure the success of their campaigns.

Know your audience well: Unless you know the profile of your target audience well, it will not be possible for you to know and understand what they like or dislike, especially when it is something as tricky as humor, says a graphic design consultant at Meme Scout. In addition to the demographics of your target audience, you need to focus on understanding their online and offline behavior. By getting to know what they find interesting, how they spend their time, what media they consume, their political and social beliefs, you will be able to craft memes that they will find relevant and funny.

Understand the lifecycle of a meme: By their very nature, memes are generally short-lived. They arrive on the scene, gather steam, and suddenly they are out of favor and disappear. Unless you catch the trend at the right moment early in its lifecycle, it is quite likely by the time you manage to swing into action, it will already have come yesterday’s fad. Using a meme past its expiry date only serves to point out that you are outdated and you lack fresh ideas.

Add an original twist even if you are memejacking: It is quite acceptable to replicate a meme published by someone else if you find it has the potential of resonating strongly with your audience. However, even while copying it, you must make sure that you have customized it you your audience’s preferences and are coming across as an innovative brand that is alive to current trends. For memes to be successful, they must be easily relatable to your audience, according to Innovation Cloud.

Don’t chase vanity numbers: The objective of a meme is to increase your brand visibility and connect better with your audiences. It is never a good idea to get into meme marketing just for showing off the number of likes, comments, and shares. Instead, focus on how well you can reinforce your brand image.


Using memes can be a smart strategy for boosting brand awareness and connecting with audiences. However, you must understand your audiences well and also the meaning and possible connotations of the memes. It will help you avoid appearing insensitive when all you want is to engage and entertain your target audience. 


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