Reasons For Choosing Canberra To Study In Australia

Australia, with its leading educational resources and unique environment, has become the first choice for many people to study abroad. Statistics show that Australia is becoming the world’s second largest destination country for studying abroad after the United States. In such a country with very developed international education, the capital, Canberra, was once a seriously underestimated city. Only in recent years has it gradually attracted the attention of more international students. Next, let’s study why you should study in Canberra.

Canberra’s quality of life is No. 1 in the world

According to the data released by Numbeo, a network data research group, Canberra’s quality of life has been ranked first in the world for consecutive years, and it has topped the list for 6 consecutive years. The living index report is based on a comprehensive evaluation of purchasing power index, safety index, health index, living cost index, commuting time index, house purchase price and income ratio, pollution index and climate index.

Not only that, but Canberra, the capital city of Australia that has been growing quietly and rapidly, has surpassed Sydney and Melbourne in recent years, and has firmly won the titles of “the world’s most livable city”, “the city with the highest quality of life index in Australia”, ” Australia’s healthiest city”.

Safety index No.1 in Australia

In Australia, people attach great importance to “feeling safe”. According to the “Australian Living Report”, 67% of respondents regard it as the most important indicator to measure whether a city is livable or not. Among all capital cities in Australia, Canberra has the highest sense of security for residents, scoring a high score of 7.2/10 in this sub-item. According to the comprehensive happiness index report of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Canberra’s safety index scored a perfect 10 points.

Education level No.1 in Australia

The quality of Canberra residents is generally high, thanks to their good education. Canberra was the only capital city surveyed by Living Australia to include “high-quality educational opportunities” as an important criterion for a city’s liveability. OECD data also shows that Canberra’s per capita education level ranks first among Australian capital cities.

Garden City

Recently, the policy focus of the Australian government has focused on regional areas. Canberra, as the capital of Australia, is also classified as a regional area. However, regional areas are not remote. Canberra plans and builds the city according to the pattern of the capital. It chooses Baroque urban design and pays attention to the construction of urban green space. It is known as a “Garden City” and one of the most livable cities in the world. Its superior geographical location makes it very convenient for people living here to go anywhere. It is only a 2.5-hour drive from Sydney to the north, and about 6.5 hours from Melbourne to the south.

The superior terrain and urban planning also make Canberra’s transportation convenient. Locals living in Canberra do not need to worry about traffic jams or poor traffic. The light rail, which was successfully completed and started operation in late April 2019, has provided superior conditions for the convenience of life for the people of the capital. No matter going to school or going to work, more choices are provided.

Canberra is not only the first in many aspects, but also gives international students benefits – an extra year of work visa!

The Australian government provides international students with a two-year work visa, which gives international students the opportunity to continue living and working in Australia for two years after graduation. Canberra, as the capital, is classified as a regional area and students studying at the University of Canberra will be eligible for an extra year of work visas. This extra one-year work visa is of great significance, which means that international students in Canberra have more time to seize Australian job opportunities than those in Sydney and Melbourne.

These are some common reasons for studying in Canberra. If they still can’t convince you, then you can continue to search the city of Canberra, and you will find more advantages of it. You can also go to to get more information about Canberra or other Australian cities, and then make the most correct choice according to your own situation.