Priorities one needs to have while selecting a life partner 

It is not only one or two things, so never be in a hurry and decide by outward appearances while searching for any profile in the best matrimonial sites or somewhere else. 

A remarriage decision is hard to make, but if you are then here are some tips to make your remarriage healthy:

  1. Work in your past hurts, jealousies and insecurities. If you do not, it will affect your marriage.
  2. Stay in the present. Do not compare a new marriage and family to the first marriage. 
  3. Assume everything is perfect, and stay positive.
  4. Seriously pray for wisdom regularly. Stepfamily or remarriage is a huge challenge that will require wisdom from god to move smoothly.
  5. Display these two contagious attitudes as soon as possible; forgiveness and gratitude. We could never have enough of the stuff.
  6. Always remember what brings you together in the first place. Go on a regular date or spend some quality time together, be intentional to get away with each other.
  7. Make building a legacy of restoration your goal; keep that goal in front of you, even in the bad times.

Think like a wise person to know your partner’s inner beauty and true worth by determining a few things that are must look for in a potential life partner.

  • Nature of a person: everybody has been sweet in the first few meetings, but you need to have keen eyes on him and see how he/she behaves with another person as well. Just by talking to someone, you may notice a lot about him or her, so have a conversation with him or her if you want to know him better.
  • Find a partner having similar interests: choose someone who has similar interests to you, it can work in your favour as it’s easier to come to any conclusion.
  • Empathy: the empathetic person is best to marry as he can feel the pain and understand the situation you are going through. Having such a life partner would make your life like a bed of roses, as he/she will always be there to support you, through those rough days.
  • Life goals: marriage is not a kidder joy game and it must set your requirements and priorities straight because everybody wants to have a successful future. So if you also want one, then know his life goals and share yours as well.
  • Trust your partner: your relationship would be halfway through down the aisle if you both have trust issues. To generate a great bond, you require being truthful and loyal towards each other. To determine whether he could be trusted or not otherwise.
  • Partner’s view towards marriage: getting married to someone who has no idea of what it means to spend a lifetime together, then you are going in the wrong direction. Do ask about his thoughts on marriage. During a second Punjabi marriage, it is very essential and required as well since you do not want to take any chances again.