Online Course Study Material for Students 

With the advancements in science and technology, the platforms to create and sell online courses are increasing rapidly among educators and learners. With better flexibility, convenience, and comfort provided, online courses are the new preference of all. For making an online course successful, providing students with the right study material is important. 

What is the study material? 

The learning material provided by the teachers to students for quality self-studies, future reference, and exam preparation is known to be study material. These are also the learning tools that teachers use in the classroom to explain the academic subjects to students and have practice sessions too. The study is designed as per the standard syllabus of the course. For effective online teaching and learning, giving audios, videos, visual notes, some textbooks, picture cards, website links for research, etc should be included in the study material. Let us discuss the benefits of online course study material. 

Benefits of online course study material 

  • Provide students with a proper academic understanding

In conventional classes, students get textbooks and prepare class notes to get a proper understanding of the academic subjects. If students don’t have proper resources to refer to, they feel stuck, confused, and blank out too. To provide effective academic services to students via online courses, the standard study material is important. When students have the right audio-visual tools, lesson plans, visual notes, and more, they use these for quality self-studies. Students can access these audio-visual tools at any time from anywhere. This provides them with a clear academic understanding and a self-paced learning experience too. 

  • Make students more interactive in the class 

To make an online course successful, having quality student interaction and participation in the classes is very important. When students get quality study material, their self-studies are enhanced. This help students to understand well and come to the classes prepared. With preparation and revisions, students connect or relate with the class discussions more. Students become more vocal and participate in classroom activities effectively. 

  • Ensure course success 

An online course is said to be successful when students pass the course with effective assessment results. With proper study material, students’ class performance and exam scores are enhanced. They complete the courses with high ranks, grades and scores. By providing students with an effective learning experience, online course success is guaranteed. 

Important components to include in online study material 

  1. Make videos, audios, PPTs

Whether asynchronous learning or synchronous online programs, videos should be an important component of your study material. For every lesson, teachers should make quality videos for students. Chose an appropriate study place, and the right equipment to record videos. Also, make a proper plan, and jot down the important pointers that you need to include in your videos. 

Record them from a distraction-free place so that the quality of the videos is not affected. Similarly, go for the audio recording too. Other multimedia tools such as PowerPoint presentations are also important to make. PPTs are attractive, systematic, and informative. Make an online course selling website and upload all these tools on this site so that students can access it easily. 

  1. Reading portable document format

Reading is an important part of learning. Without reading the lessons, no academic course performance can be successful. Providing fixed textbooks for all subjects is not possible. In such cases, teachers should make reading PDFs for students. Research well, collect and combine the content, and put your self-knowledge and inputs to make an informative and understandable reading PDF for online learners. Send it to students at their respective email addresses or upload it on the education app and website being used. 

  1. Question bank PDFs, online quizzes for practice

Along with videos, audio, and reading files for understanding, practice exercises are equally important to hold a good command over course subjects. To create a standard online study material, online course creators must prepare question bank PDFs of every lesson. For more practice and applying the knowledge gained, make online quizzes, Google forms on multiple-choice questions, tick the correct options, fill in the blanks, etc. This will enhance students’ applicative and theoretical skills both. 


To create and sell online courses successfully, making effective study material is an important part. By reading the above-mentioned information we can make out the benefits of study material for students. Videos, modules, audios, reading PDFs, and online quizzes are the main components that must be included in the online study material. 


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