Nurturing your Child’s Spark with the Help of Trusted Adults

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

All parents want their child to recognize his or her spark at the correct age. Here spark means something your kid or teen is very good at. And with correct support your child can grow that spark, enhance the confidence level and explore it in and out of the school. It may take time but it will be worth it. It is a very common scenario that students are working hard for their studies, they learn day and night, sometimes along with some occupation they continue to learn through offline and online education. Online education has helped the students a lot in their goals of attaining knowledge and information. It has helped them nurture their dreams and achieve them as their wish from anywhere they wish to be and learn. Earlier students had to go through a lot for attaining knowledge and information but today due to the flexibility of online learning students who even belong to the remote areas of India and in the whole world are able to learn through it. But among all these facilities and support nobody asks the students about their interests like what they like to study or what field they are interested in? This likeness or interest in any particular field is the spark of the child where he or she can be found doing the best or sometimes this spark becomes the career of the child and makes him/her successful in the future. 

Today students are just put under pressure of opting the field told by parents and achieve good marks in it and those students become bookworm who are even not aware of LMS full form but if they are properly allowed to learn from online learning supported by LMS portals then they can search their spark tool. LMS portals make online learning of the child safe. Knowing or not 4knowing LMS full form is not a big deal but students should be given a chance to search and find out their spark at any cost and in this process trusted adults can help a lot. As a parent when you come to know about your kid’s spark or whatever he or she is very interested in, then search in your family or friends about someone who shares the same spark and seek help from them in order to nurture the talent of your child. Such trusted family members or family friends when spend some time with the child and see the interest level of the child in a particular talent then they guide the child with all their experience in the particular field and sometimes due to their experience and connections in the same field they bring the child in the contact of correct person or any firm which can help in developing your child’s talent. Such trusted elders who have experience & knowledge in the same spark which your child have encourages him/her and boosts his/her moral to do much better in that field.

When trusted elders and adults of the family sit beside the child and share their experiences about their talent then many times it happens that all of a sudden, the child gets answers to the dilemma he or she is tangled in and sometimes clears the path in the mind how she or he has to proceed in the way of his or her spark. This talk and guidance promotes and motivates the child to work hard in a proper and planned way for his talent and achieve something concrete in it. Every teen needs guidance and those teens who have a trusted adult as mentor in his/her life succeeds in 99% cases regarding his/her spark. Such trusted adults teach the child about being calm and full of patience when life takes tests regarding his/her talent and then achieve what belongs to him/her. More such experienced adults support the spark of your child, the more the child will proceed to find the purpose and motivation of his life related to his talent/spark. Following the footprints of his trusted elders often students and kids find their own way and they create their own name in the history. So, parents, mentors, elders and tutors should always support & respect the kids if they show their interest in a career line other than they have decided already.

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