Importance Of Writing For Students

Around two years ago, when students and teachers still attended traditional schools and offline classes were conducted, writing was a common practice. It was an activity that was done every day by the students. Be it taking down notes from what was written on the board, taking dictation, or even appearing for an exam, none of them could be done without a pen and a paper being used and students writing it down. Since exams were also conducted in the written mode, students also had to study, revise and prepare for them by writing down important points, solving numericals and making physics notes. Maintaining lab files, classwork notebooks, homework notebooks, writing assignments, writing for projects were all very common. It was only on rare occasions that the students had to make assignments digitally or use any software or online platforms for making their projects or studying. 

The scenario is the exact opposite now. Classes are conducted online, students can type the important parts of the lesson on their laptops or phones during the classes. Tests are conducted online using different methods and tools like quizzes, multiple-choice questions and other specific platforms developed for this purpose. Students prepare for these exams using the specified platforms. Teachers can provide students with PDFs or digital formats of the course content. Projects and assignments are made using different software and researching online. Students read e-books and digitally highlight the important parts and make digital notes. On very rare occasions do they write down anything. No notebooks or lab files are maintained.  

Writing has various benefits for all, especially for students since they are still in the growing stage of their life where they are learning so much each day. Writing has been scientifically proven to be beneficial for learning and directly proportional to the mental development of the students. A student’s handwriting is also an indicator of their mind and their thoughts. While the writing work for students has reduced and students are happy about the burden and workload being decreased, it is still important that students do not lose their writing practice and those who are good words must also develop writing skills as it can be beneficial for their future as well. 

In this article, we will be looking at a few benefits of writing for students that help them in their learning journey. 

Writing Helps Learn And Remember Better

Students who write and make physical notes are more likely to remember what is taught in class. They have a better recall power of the concept and lesson compared to those who do not make notes or write down important points. When students write and learn they can learn better and faster.

It Makes Your Work More Organised
Writing helps reduce chaos and confusion. When you write down the tasks at hand and make a list of the work to be done, you can focus better on the work you need to do and be able to complete the same faster. Similarly, writing helps you make clear and sorted notes of a topic and let you have an easier time revising them later. 

Helps In Developing Writing Skills

Writing skills are the most wanted skills in the market today. Almost every profession demands you to write and have good writing skills opens the option of pursuing a career in writing. From advertising to marketing to journalism, every field requires writing skills. With social media growing more than ever, many recruiters are particular about the writing skills of the candidate. 

Speeds Up The Brain Function

When you write, it is coordination between the muscles of your hands and the brain. Writing helps in improving coordination and brain function in general. 

Helps In Improving Spelling And Grammar

Writing more also helps you in improving your spelling and grammar. Both of these are not only important for a language exam but also life in general. No matter what you do, you will be required to write with the right spelling and accurate grammar. You can find a variety of laptops for college students that support spell checkers and other writing software.

Improves Handwriting

This is a total plus point of writing more. Good handwriting makes a good impression on everyone and writing more is the only way of doing so. 


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