How to plan a wedding with kids? 

Besides managing many aspects of the wedding such as guest list, wedding dress, venue, photographer, decorations, you name it, there is an important question couples usually face. That’s: will you invite many children to your wedding, if any at all? For some couples, it can be a tough decision to manage a children-free wedding. It is because this decision has the potential to upset or offend their friends and family. 

Having photographed and filmed many wedding in the past 15 year, Surrey Wedding Photographer, would like to share some tips, pros and cons, on how to plan a wedding ceremony and reception with many kids invited to the wedding.  

Decide earlier how many children you will invite.

First, if you don’t want your big day without your favourite kids around you, plan to invite them. While deciding whether or not to invite children to your wedding, understand some parents may not attend your wedding without their children. Hence, you might be left without much of an option but to invite the whole family irrespectively of how many children they have and how well-behaved they are.  

Mark children on your guest list 

If you are adding children to your wedding guest list, you must consider their age. This will help you with sitting plan. Children that are age 5 and plus, usually deal very well sitting together and not necessarily with their parents next to them. At the end of the day, let’s face it, they will have much more fun being sat with their friends or cousins rather than their parent who speak to other grown ups about daunting  (for kids) subjects.  

In addition, a consideration here would be to have a lunchtime ceremony if you are planning a wedding with children. It is because children behave better earlier in the day when they are less tired or hungry. Your guests will also have a better time then. 

Children Entertainment 

Well-organised children entertainment is always a good idea. Children usually have short attention spans. Therefore, you must create diversity and age appropriate games. A combination of still activities and active ones will keep them balanced. For older children it might suffice if you have  few board games, cards, art and craft and drawing kids. Younger kids will likely enjoy legos, building blocks, puzzles. For an outdoor, active activity balls will always work. It is recommended to have the correct supervision ratio. One teenager/grown up for 8 children aged 6 and over, and carer for 3-4 toddlers. Supervised games will last longer, get kids involved and will help them to resolve their disagreements or difference of opinion. 

Toddlers might be better off if they are sat with their parent. Parents will ensure that the children make good food choices or will be kept clean during the food. 

At the end of the day, a room with a nice movie, popcorn and squash is a lovely end of the day for any age group.

Incorporate children in your wedding 

Giving children age appropriate tasks and responsibilities will keep them busy and excited. 

  • Make kids groomsmen and bridesmaids

It’s not necessary that your wedding party has to be adults only. You can make your favorite small people your groomsmen and bridesmaids. The idea works more effectively for kids older than 10.  However, toddler make a fantastic flower girls and make an immense impression when walking into the venue before the bride. Make them dress beautifully, matching your outfit or the wedding colour or style. Boys make great ring bearers, carrying a little suitcase with wedding rings can be extremely cute and will keep those active little people entertained and quiet. 

Give your wedding photographer heads up if you have bridesmaids or ring bearers. 

  • Ask them to pick your wedding accessories

During the bridal and grooms preparation there is a lot of work involved. In fact, kids can be very useful if you make them responsible for looking after bridal accessories such as hair accessories or jewellery. Of course – organise it in a safe manner so nothing gets lost. Make children to be your special, secret delivery person to your future husband. They can carry messages and cards to your fiancé. Surely, that will keep them excited and occupied. 

  • Bring children to the cake tasting

It’s rare if a child doesn’t like cake. Make them your special helpers to organise cakes on the cake stands. Supervision is essential here. But what is more important that there will be the right cake that is loved by children. 

  • Let them rock out on the dance floor

After the much-awaited first dance, you can invite children to rock out on the dance floor. Children usually enjoy dancing to lively music. Organised music dance competitions or other choreography is a bonus point. It’s often seen in the weddings to organise karaoke or Just Dance for the kids. It’s guaranteed to be fun to do and to watch. Children seem to have lots of fun during those kind of dancing games when grown ups get involved. So, don’t be afraid and join them in. They will love it but I am sure you will love it even more.  

Add a kid’s meal to your menu. 

Another most important thing you have to be thoughtful about is your meal menu. Don’t forget to add a kid’s meal to your menu to serve to the little ones. There is no need to spend a lot and become a culinary snob. It is because simple ideas such as “adding a decorate your cupcake bar” can work amazing. 

Similarly, add some simple kid’s meals to your menu and make them enjoy them more. And try not to get too obsessed about healthy food for the children. One day won’t make much harm. 

Don’t get upset 

Despite the fear that kids can turn your wedding reception into a playgroup party, children usually bring more unusual surprises. They can add a lot of laughter to your big day. So, keep your humour alive instead of freaking out during those moments. Avoid getting upset if you little one can’t keep their hands off the cake. 

Instead, enjoy the moment and tell your wedding photographer to catch this moment on the film. 

Add photo booths to your wedding venue.  

Ask your surrey wedding photography service provider to add a photo booth at your venue. Children will love pulling silly faces and grooving through dressing-up boxes in photobooths. The bonus point is that you can have the funniest photos of the night. 

Kids will surely make the most out of photo booths. They will enjoy to their fullest without even causing any disruption to your beautiful reception. 

There are multiple ways to incorporate children into your wedding and make the ceremony enjoyable for everyone.