How to Check Land Records on The Bhulekh Odisha Website?

Bhukekh is the state government portal of Odisha, enabling citizens of the state to obtain their land-related information online. Citizens can easily access this Bhulekh Odisha portal to check and verify land-related details, including the owner’s name, size and value of the plot. They simply need to undergo the streamlined online application process to get the service anytime from anywhere.

How to Check Land Details Through the Bhukekh Odisha Platform

To check bhulekh odisha details, you first need to have some basic information about the plot. These include the tenant’s name, Khatian number etc.

Following are the steps to check the land details using the Khatian number:

Step 1: Select tahasil, village, district, and RI circle from the dropdown list of the application form

Step 2: Click on ‘Khatian’

Step 3: Select your Khatian number 

Step 4: Click on ‘View RoR’

Upon completing these simple steps, you will get the land details on the next screen.

Alternatively, you can check the land information using the tenant’s name. For this, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Select tahasil, village, district and RI circle

Step 2: Tap on ‘Tenant’

Step 3: Select the tenant’s name

Step 4: Tap on ‘View RoR’

After this, the land details will pop up on the next screen.

The state government also enables you to access these records using plot numbers. Following are the steps you need to undergo for this:

Step 1: Mention your concerned property’s location by selecting village, tahasil, district 

Step 2: Click on ‘Plot’

Step 3: Choose the plot number from the dropdown menu

Step 4: Click on ‘View RoR’ 

Upon completing these steps, you can get your concerned land record on the result window.

Apart from generating the land details, you can also get several other services from this government portal.

Other Services Available in Bhulekh Odisha Platform

Following are all other services that this government portal offers:

  • Generating tahasil information
  • Applying for Record of Rights (RoR)
  • Helping residents with statistics related to the state
  • Giving map view of plots

Apart from these, you can also easily get links to pay land revenue and stamp duty.

Benefits of Bhulekh Odisha Portal 

Following are some advantages the Odisha state government offers through this portal:

  • Helps in getting land details anytime from anywhere.
  • It also lets you check and verify the property ownership and value before buying it. So, you can buy land at a fair price.
  • You can avoid going to government offices physically to get the land records and save much of your precious time.

In this regard, after getting the land-related information from this portal, you also need to save this record for future reference.

How to Download Land Records from Bhulekh Odisha Portal

To download a land record, you need to first access it by undergoing the steps mentioned earlier. After this, follow the steps stated below:

Step 1: Click on ‘Print’ on the land-record window

Step 2: Save the record as a PDF

With this, you will get a soft copy of the land record, which you can use to verify your ownership of a plot. 

Being a government-certified ownership record, you can leverage it during the documentation process of a mortgaged loan as well. Therefore, if you intend to construct your house by taking a home loan, the land record generated through Bhulekh Odisha can help you significantly. In this regard, you may also need to know the application process for a home loan.

How to apply for a home loan

Before applying for this credit facility, you need to choose a lending institution first. For this, you can compare different financial institutions according to their home loan interest rates, charges, eligibility criteria, etc. After this, you need to undergo the simple steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Enter some basic information, including date of birth, PAN card number and mobile number

Step 2: Provide details of your employment and income 

Step 3: Mention your gender, marital status, etc., and click on ‘Proceed’

Step 4: Enter your loan amount

Step 5: Authenticate your identity through procedures stated by your lending partner

After these steps, you will successfully complete your home loan application procedures. 

To conclude, Bhulekh Odisha lets you know every important detail of the concerned land conveniently. Moreover, being a government-certified land record, you can use the document for any legal purpose. It can also help you significantly while purchasing a plot by letting you check its fair price, size and ownership.