Family Law and Family Lawyers in UAE

Whenever the word lawyer is stuck in your mind, you may think of a person sitting at a desk and working on a laptop and papers. The law has a wide spectrum. It is not restricted, it is extensive. Thus, 1 lawyer or law firm can’t cover every aspect. Though Law Firm comes with multi-service and full-service, service option, where every kind of service is offered and managed by these multi-function and full-service Law Firms. Successful or established Law firms in Dubai tend to provide legal counselling to their clients over a range of practice areas of law. Law firms may cover a few and occasionally all the aspects of the law. Mostly, lawyers specialize in 1 or 2 related areas to excel in the legal world. Let us have a closer insight into the family lawyers in Dubai, who specialise in Family Law. 

  • Family Lawyers specialize in various legal aspects related to family and its members. They are also subdivided into divorce lawyers. A divorce lawyer takes up the legal facet to address the termination of the marriage. If we dig in we will see it also covers legal aspects like child custody, legal filing, division of assets and liabilities, alimony and the list goes on. They will represent any of the spouses in the matter of divorce against a fee charged for the services. They assist in legalizing the separation or divorce by which the couple may dissolve the marriage. In many cases, there are children involved. Whenever there are children involved this makes the matter more complicated. 
  • Now the divorce lawyer needs to take care of child custody and child support. A Divorce lawyer needs to be a brilliant listener. They don’t need to get judgmental and apply their expertise and skills for better outcomes. A family lawyers will make sure that they protect the rights of their clients. They will take care of matters including adoption, child abuse, spousal abuse, custody battles, divorce, juvenile delinquencies prenuptial agreements, child emancipation, and much more.
  • They will make efforts to have settlements among the family members without getting involved in litigation. He will investigate the legal case to substantiate the evidence and proof. They will compile the papers and document them into a file. They will cover every single detail to facilitate the client. Furthermore, they practice family law and thus, represent the clients in family tribunals in Dubai. They attend the court proceedings and deal with the court work. They also indulge in the negotiation process for the sake of the client. Besides, they also draft much-needed legal paperwork.
  • Family lawyers may entirely focus on divorce rather than all aspects of the family. Divorce Law and family laws are not different. Divorce law is one of the several issues of family law. Divorce Law is part of the major family for Muslims and Non-Muslims. 
  • Family Law for Non-Muslims is also supportive after the new Civil Law was introduced in ABU DHABI and later on in DUBAI. Now the Non-Muslims in DUBAI can choose the law of their countries or the place where they got married. It was introduced to let Non-Muslims feel that they are not free from their countries and that their rights are not secured in the complete United Arab Emirates. 
  • Legal Services by UAE National Lawyers can be needed for Marriage, Divorce, Child Custody, as well as Alimony. When a marriage certificate is not available, then a separate case can also be filled in order to obtain permission from the court for filling the family case in UAE courts. It’s better to get legal advice from expert Family Lawyers in DUBAI, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, RAK etc. For new Family Law UAE, book legal appointments with Law Firms like to ASK THE LAW – Al Shaiba Advocates in Dubai.