Do Chemical Reactions Happen In Our Everyday Life?

And the answer to the above-mentioned question is YES. Do you know chemical reactions keep happening all around us? Whether it is about the metabolism of food or the light we receive from the sun, it all occurs because of chemical reactions. Therefore, it is quite important to understand the significance of physical and chemical changes. 

Here, we are going to understand how chemical reactions happen? How significant are they? Moreover, some chemical reactions happen more often indeed. Let’s understand it in a detailed manner. 

A Bit About – 

What are Chemical Reactions in simple words? Generally, we keep hearing this term more often while studying. But how could it be described in simple words? Chemical reactions happen when chemical bonds happen atoms are described or broken. It means the substances which go into a chemical reaction are described as reactants. 

And the substances which are produced through the entire procedure are called the products. It could be said that an arrow is drawn between the reactants and products indicated towards the chemical reactions. Here, it is also required to mention that a chemical reaction does not always happen as a “one-way street” but more than that. 

Let’s Understand It With Example – 

Examples help us to understand things easily and simply. When it comes to understanding the chemical reactions, we can go with an example of a burning candle. It is an ideal example of physical and chemical change indeed. All you need to do is take a candle and light it. Candles start to change into wax as time goes. But if you cover the candle with a jar, it will not extinguish. 

Have you ever wondered why it extinguishes? Well, it is needed to understand that the burning of the candle is a sort of chemical change. Moreover, the candle turning into wax is called a physical change indeed. Talking about the physical change, it is all an alternation of the state of the substance. It could be said that a chemical change plays a major role in creating a new substance. Therefore, it could be said that chemical changes are associated with specific physical changes. 

Chemical Reactions and Basic Concepts – 

Have you been wondering about the chemical reactions? You have landed on the right platform. Here, we are going to mention this in a detailed manner – 

  • Talking about a chemical reaction, it is all about a sort of process which happens when 2 or more molecules interact and produce a new sort of product. 
  • The newly produced compounds are called products. And compounds that interact to create new compounds are called reactants. 
  • You probably would not believe that chemical reactions are known for playing a huge role in different industries, customs, and even in our everyday life. They are regularly happening around us. There are so many examples such as fermentation of wine, rusting of iron, and so on. 
  • Here, it needs to mention that a reaction can happen between 2 atoms or ions or molecules. And it will be helpful in the context of creating a new bond indeed. It means no atom or bond will be eradicated but a new product is created because of those chemical reactions. 
  • What would be the rate of reactions? Have you been wondering the same? Well, it depends on different factors such as temperature, concentration, pressure, etc. 

The fact cannot be ignored that a huge amount of chemical reactions occur around us. Therefore, a nomenclature was developed so that chemical reactions in the form of Chemical Equations. To put it in simple words, a chemical equation is a sort of mathematical statement symbolizing the product formation from reactants while declaring about the specific condition for which the entire reaction has been conducted. 

Conclusion – 

We hope that the above-mentioned detail has helped you to understand this in a much better way eliminating unnecessary information.