CUET Economics preparation strategy

CUET national entrance exam involves 54 Central Universities for admissions into undergraduate programs. Among these, over 28 colleges and universities offer undergraduate economics courses. The competition for this exam is extremely high. For candidates who are preparing for national-level entrance tests like CUET 2022, before preparing for the exam, the students should know basic details and fundamentals related to the exam and the particular course they are preparing for. For example, economics. CUET Economics is conducted for BA Economics or Integrated Economics courses. For every stream, the strategy for preparation is different; therefore, for economics, the preparation tips and strategies are different. 

Strategies And Formulas To Prepare For CUET Economics

Cracking national entrance exams like CUET doesn’t only requires hard work but also determination with the essential resources and mentoring.

If you are about to prepare for CUET Economics, you need proper planning and strategies to implement to clear the entrance. If you have studied economics in your previous academic classes, you need to be aware of all the fundamentals, necessary terms, and basic ideas about the stream. This is a guide to follow for NTA CUET Economics Preparation 2022.

  • Understand The Exam And The Stream

As you know, every exam is different, and the initial step is to understand the exam and the particular stream you are preparing. This competition among the students will be at its peak, and you need to ensure this and start the preparation. To qualify for the national exam, make your mind prepared to plan the strategies and follow up on the planned process. The CUET will grant you admission to the top and reputed universities of India. Therefore, it is important to understand the complete exam process and structure.

  • Explore The CUET Economics Syllabus

National Testing Agency issued the CUET Economics 2022 syllabus, which the students need to go through in detail. Candidates preparing for CUCET (UG) 2022 should study in detail the NCERT syllabus of Classes 11 and 12th. It is not so easy to formulate the right strategies for the national entrance exam because the questions and their pattern are tricky. 

The economics syllabus is based on your previous academic years of Classes 11th and 12th. Therefore, ensure that you cover all the major subjects’ fundamental and other advanced topics. Ensure you are paying proper concentration while revising the 11th and 12th class syllabus and framing the important terms.

It is necessary to cover the major topics of the economics syllabus. It becomes better when you divide the syllabus into four major categories – Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Statistics, and Indian Economics. Make sure you cover all these concepts in detail and revise them multiple times.

  • Schedule A Timetable

A timetable is necessary to follow up as the CUET is conducted after the Board exams of Class 12th. Therefore, students focus more on their school curriculum to score better on their boards. But the candidates need to make time to prepare for the CUET entrance exam. 

During the 12th board, students must schedule at least a few hours to cover minimum topics. Once they are done with the boards, the students need to dedicate most of their time to the CUET entrance exam. Starting earliest is the basic step for national exams. If you delay in preparation, you will not be able to cover all the topics in time. 

Schedule a plan to spend around 120 mins every day. Ensure that you don’t break the flow or momentum due to the boards. Follow up on the timetable regularly based on your routine. When you follow these with discipline, you will qualify for the exam with a good score.

  • Practice Multiple Times

When you practice multiple times, you get habitual in solving the question types. The student should work on each concept and continue their preparation process. Attempting multiple mock tests for CUET will be beneficial for the students. Along with this, the students need to solve the previous questions papers of CUET Economics to know about the types of questions and the pattern followed. 

This will become very helpful for the student, and they will understand the major topics which are frequently covered in most of the past exams. The mock tests are sample question papers that follow the same pattern as the CUET exams. By solving this, you will know your strengths and give you an idea to work on your weak areas and improve upon them.

The economics syllabus usually covers the numerical questions and solves the maximum number of numerical on a daily basis. When you solve it, you can know the time you are covering for each of them. Frequent practice and improve your problem-solving flow, and you will get a general idea to solve them. You need to cover all the concepts and topics of economics as issued for the CUCET Economics exam syllabus. 

The above preparation strategies for CUET Economics will help you to remain motivated to stick to your goal to get succeed in the exam. Attention to the economics syllabus is essential. Along with this, you have to follow the basic preparation strategies.