Considering An E-Commerce Website Redesigning? Know The Things To Keep In Mind

An eCommerce website should be easy to use and intuitive. The interface (UI) should be clean and uncomplicated, and it should not contain too many images or videos. A simple, clean design will result in higher conversion rates. For the homepage, highlight a single strong call-to-action, such as free delivery. Also, place your best-selling products on the first page of the website. Use the information you gathered from your customers to improve your visitors’ navigation and experience.

Redesigning an e-commerce website should also address security issues, especially user privacy. Users don’t want to share their personal information with strangers, so make sure your site is safe. Moreover, make sure your site doesn’t have any 404 errors. An effective e-commerce development company would guide you through these factors and Magneto IT Solutions is one of them with an impressive client late and background.

Things To Keep In Mind When Approaching An eCommerce Website Redesign

There are many things to consider when approaching an eCommerce website redesign. Your customers’ needs, browser technologies and design practices, and accessibility standards are among them. These are constantly changing, and what was working during your redesign may not work now. It’s important to stay up to date with these changes to meet your customers’ evolving needs. For this, you can hire someone or some organization that provides efficient and result-worthy eCommerce development solution.

List Of Features Your E-commerce Website Needs

There are several features your eCommerce website must have to ensure that your customers buy from you. This includes a simple checkout process for quick purchases and a customer service area that is easy to find. Your eCommerce website must also attract visitors from different regions and countries. The content you write for your eCommerce website should target users from that area or country and be conversational and helpful. This will create a better user experience and encourage your buyers to spend more time on your website.

Product Categories

One of the key elements to consider in an eCommerce website redesign is how to organize your product categories. Organizing your products by category will make it easier for new online shoppers to browse your site and purchase products without a second thought. Also, it would help if you created a clear navigation menu to make navigation easy for your users.


There are many aspects to consider when approaching an eCommerce website redesign. For starters, you should pay special attention to the navigation on your site. This will help your site visitors easily find the information they’re looking for. In addition, you should consider how your website’s design will affect your overall conversion rates. Your site’s usability can either make or break it, so make sure everything flows together smoothly.

User Experience Design

A website focusing on user experience design will likely improve customer engagement. For example, a website that offers sticky navigation may increase click-throughs to content. Furthermore, a minimalist website is more likely to be adopted by visitors and load more quickly. It also improves accessibility and enables visitors to focus on the products. However, it’s important not to hide important navigation buttons or make the site difficult to navigate.

Designing For Mobile Users

Designing for mobile users should be a priority when approaching an eCommerce website redesign. Most website traffic comes from mobile devices, so you must ensure your website is optimized for the smaller screen. You can start by considering font size and characters per line. Users want to be able to read your site without zooming in or out.

Considering mobile users’ habits and preferences will make your website more attractive to users. This will improve user experience and boost the chance of retaining customers. Additionally, a mobile-first design will improve your search engine rankings. Google recently announced its new mobile-first index for new websites.

ADA Compliance

When approaching an eCommerce website redesign, it is important to remember ADA compliance. This law prohibits discrimination against the disabled and requires businesses to provide accessible facilities. According to federal court rulings, websites are a form of business that must meet ADA standards. In addition to hiring a professional developer, ADA compliance can also be accomplished through a WordPress plugin.

While this law was enacted before the rise of the internet, its designers intentionally designed it to be flexible and adaptable. One of the core elements of the ADA is the concept of a “place of public accommodation.” The modern internet is where people can learn, work, and shop. Whether your website is an online retail store or a mobile app, it should meet ADA standards.

Consistency In Design

Keeping the design consistent can save a lot of time and money. It allows designers and stakeholders to make decisions quickly and easily without getting bogged down by endless arguments. Consistency also improves usability and user experience. For example, designers should keep fonts, sizes, and labels consistent throughout the website to make it easier for people to use the site.

Consistency is important, even if you’re redesigning an existing website. The best way to maintain it is by making small tweaks. Consistency helps keep the product evolving while reducing the possibility of surprises. This rule can also be used in developing new products.

Customer-Centric Approach

A customer-centric approach to designing a website can help you improve core metrics such as customer engagement, website analytics, and revenue. It can also help you position your account managers as rainmakers and build more engaging user experiences. In addition, this approach can be easily integrated into your business processes.

A customer-centric approach to designing an eCommerce website allows you to make the site more appealing and personalized. It also enables you to understand and anticipate your customers’ challenges, which helps you craft better solutions. A customer-centric approach to redesigning your website will also help you develop a stronger attachment to your brand. For this, you can hire the top e-commerce development organization that can help you re-design your website with the motive of attracting more businesses in the future. You can select from the list of top eCommerce development companies that are available and can choose one that suits your needs. 


When approaching an eCommerce website redesign, several important aspects must be remembered. Additionally, keeping your site updated with the latest trends and technology is imperative. While the above steps may seem overwhelming, they will help you make a successful redesign.