shayari on success and failure in hindi | failure के लिए शायरी

Best Shayari on success and Failure in hindi | Success and Failure Shayari | काम करने से कभी हार नहीं मानी इसीलिए आज कामयाब हूं No one has got success without fail. Shayari on success and Failure in Hindi If you understand the meaning of this one line I have written, then you must have … Read more

Best [98+] upset shayari in hindi | Mood upset shayari

Best Upset shayari in hindi | Mood Upset shayari in Hindi | चेहरे अजनबी हो जाए तो कोई बात नहीं लेकिन रवैए अजनबी हो जाए तो बहुत तकलीफ़ होती है। आज मैं आपके लिए upset shayari लिखा हु। आजकल तो दीवानों की दुनिया में जो भी जाते है। उन्हे एक ना एक दिन upset होना … Read more

Latest Dadagiri status in hindi 2021 | New Dadagiri status

New Dadagiri status in hindi | Dadagiri shayari in Hindi| तुम्हारे नखरे तुम्हारे मम्मी पापा उठाएंगे हम तो सीधे ब्याह मनाएंगे। So how have you guys liked our post with Attitude status. Today we are going to give you more than 100 dadagiri status. If you like something, then definitely share it. You can also … Read more

Top 5 Lenovo Laptops to choose in sale with good offer

The best Lenovo laptops consistently place towards the top of our list of the best laptops. Lenovo has something for everyone, from the great ThinkPad business laptops to the stylish Yoga notebook and inexpensive Ideapad computers. The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold, the first PC with a flexible, folding display, was recently reviewed. Grab the best … Read more

Command Line Arguments In Python 

Command Line Parameters are the arguments that are presented after the program name in the operating system’s command-line shell. Python has several methods for dealing with these sorts of parameters. Python for beginners will have the three most common: Using sys.argv Using getopt module Using argparse module Handling Command Line Arguments in Python Command-line arguments … Read more

DevOps: Its necessity in today’s world

In this modern world times, organizations have been looking out for scopes and chances to facilitate technical advantages across their programs and plans in a generalized approach. These advantages would enhance faster solutions, also reduce the complexity of several unsolvable problems, and help in establishing a stable operating environment. With this thought in mind, the … Read more

Top data science courses for beginners

You’re enthralled with numbers. You like deducing patterns from data, forecasting future events, and applying that knowledge to achieve organizational objectives. You’re a complete novice when it comes to data science. You’ve probably heard the word before, and you may even know someone who works in the field. You’re also aware that it’s a high-demand … Read more