Amazing Beard Styles To Try Out

The fact is that all beards are amazing, as they add some extra touch of masculinity and confidence. Knowing the beard styles that go well with your face shape makes you even more attractive. It is important to know exactly the final look you are going for when you go for a beard groom appointment.

If you are looking forward to looking stylish and sophisticated, you should understand that the caveman look is not going to do you any justice. There are so many designs of beards that you can have fun exploring until you get your signature look. Here are some cute and trending beard styles.

  • The Short Stubble

This is one of the simplest beard styles. It is very easy to maintain as the hair left is very short. To achieve this style, you only need to let the hair grow a little short after shaving. It is actually very effortless to come up with this design. 

You can even achieve this style without trying as the shaved beard grows. However, if you want to maintain the short stubble, it may take some effort. This includes regular trimming to prevent the beard from growing longer and ruining the whole concept of the style.

In this style, any hair that is found or grows below Adam’s apple level should be completely shaven to the skin level. You can decide to only trim or completely shave the hair below the cheekbone based on your preference.

  • The Medium Stubble

This slight features hair that is slightly longer than the one found in the short stubble. However, the hair should not be allowed to grow too long because this will only make it appear unkempt.

For an attractive final look, the medium stubble should cover the bottom third of the face, and the hair below Adam’s apple should be rid of.

  • The Long Stubble

The long stubble beard styles may be a little bit more complicated to maintain than the short and the medium stubble. 

The design features hair that is just slightly longer than in the medium stubble. To maintain this style, it is important to regularly trim the beard at a certain consistent length to prevent the hair from overgrowing.

To remove any stray hairs that could be carelessly falling on the face, you should regularly make use of a trimmer or a pair of scissors.

  • A Full Beard

This style can only be achieved by men who already have full beard growth. Some men have the genetic properties to grow a full beard, and therefore, it is no man’s fault not being able to grow one.

If the beard is naturally full, it can take a lot of shapes; what really matters here is the shape of the face. The concentration of the cut begins from the cheekbone, and everything that is below that is left to grow naturally.

Once the hair has grown for at least four weeks period, the men aiming at the full beard styles should start concentrating on how to best trim it to suit their facial shape.

  • The French Fork Beard

It is a unique beard design that is not very popular. The main characteristic of this beard is the splitting of hair into two at the bottom of the chin. The splitting can be either natural or achieved artificially.

  • The Ducktail Beard

The ducktail beard is mostly achieved naturally as an aspect of genetic characteristics among men. Just as the name suggests, the beard resembles the ducktail from the bottom part.

The ducktail is one of the most common beard designs, as it looks unique and sophisticated at the same time.

To artificially achieve this style, the hair at the bottom is left longer while that on the sides is trimmed a little bit shorter. 

The trimming should perfectly blend the long and the short hair to avoid growing a disconnected beard that will only look wild.

  • Circle Beard

It is the best of beard styles if you are looking for a very neat bard look. The hair is only left to grow around the mouth, and all the other facial hair is trimmed, if there is any.