All the advantages of starting private online English classes

Starting private online English classes is a great initiative on your part and a commitment to achieve personal and, above all, academic goals. There are different reasons to start your English classes. Let’s find out what these reasons are, as well as some valuable tips for staying motivated and on track with an online English teacher.

What is the best way to learn English online?

An online language class always starts with a quiz and placement test to assess your level, allowing each English teacher to adjust and personalize their upcoming classes. Any student or person who wants to improve their level of English will have gaps and weak points that the teacher will work to improve. You can also take help online from essaywriters in order to express yourself better.

The course also requires exercises, often a theoretical part, and even games and quizzes to stimulate memory and memorize a maximum of concepts in a short time. To learn English online, these are the methods we recommend:

  1. Establish a weekly schedule and routine

Commit yourself and give yourself time to see improvement in a few weeks. Program at least one or two sessions per week, depending on the need and urgency: exams, midterms, a trip abroad, an Erasmus semester etc. By setting a schedule you will be committing to your teacher and yourself.

  1. Avoid distractions

Normally you will have 40 or 60 minutes per session, so this is the time to focus and avoid the phone, noisy rooms in your house or distractions around you.

  1. Apply to tasks

The homework that your teachers present to you in English classes is important for you to apply rigour in your learning of the English language. You will practice new concepts and learn new vocabulary through exercises, assignments, and research.

How can I find an online English course?

You can find and learn English online, with several possible methods. Each of them requires an investment of time and money on your part. So here is our guide to easily finding private online English classes.

  1. Check what private lesson platforms offer

You can start by looking at the offers of private online English classes and contacting native English or Spanish teachers who have lived for several years in English-speaking countries. The offers vary according to the price, the experience and the availability of the teacher in question.

  1. Check Facebook groups

You can try to find groups on Facebook, for language exchange or what is called Tandem. It is a friendly meeting that consists of practising two languages: the one that interests your Tandem partner and the one that interests you. However, keep in mind that this is a free service and requires research and compatibility depending on your schedule and what exactly you’re looking for.

Tips for learning English online

To learn English virtually, there are no limits to the educational material you can obtain. However, this is also a weak point, as it can go in all directions, or change methods every week.

Our last piece of advice would be to take a course with an English teacher and give yourself time to observe the change and the positive results. Then you can always go the extra mile by reading on the internet or using interesting resources. Here are some useful sites and platforms for your learning:

  • The Word Reference portal for the use of translations and definitions.
  • The official Cambridge dictionary for more details on their definitions.
  • Podcasts on YouTube

These tools will help you progress with your online English teacher by providing clear definitions, synonyms, examples or illustrations. For those of you who find it hard to get organized and stay motivated, here is a list of tips to keep up with learning English:

  1. Find people online to piss off

You will be able to exchange cards, messages and emails with native people in a fun and casual way that will allow you to practice your grammar, vocabulary and even your oral skills through online discussions.

  1. Travel when possible

If you are learning English, it would be a shame not to practice what you are learning. Take advantage of a trip in the summer or during the school holidays to practice English. If you can’t, you can always meet tourists or exchange students to chat and improve your skills.