5 Best Bridal Makeup Tips for a Perfect Winter Wedding

Berry Mathew

5 Best Bridal Makeup Tips for a Perfect Winter Wedding

Winter weddings have a certain allure. Because of the lovely weather, you won’t have to worry about melting makeup or sweating through your clothes. But getting ready in the winter can be somewhat difficult for the brides since it causes dry skin and chapped lips, which ruins your makeup even before the rituals start. You must therefore ensure that your skin is prepared for winter and that the makeup is weather-proof in order to get the appropriate bridal look. Being well-prepared is essential for acing the winter bride’s makeup. You’ll need a flawless base and a pre-makeup routine to keep you looking young and beautiful throughout the day or night. As a result, we’ve gathered tips from industry experts on how to avoid patchy makeup at winter weddings to help you combat any winter beauty issues!

Always Remember Hydration is the Key 

Hydrated skin allows the makeup to last longer by providing a flawless base. Make hydration and nourishment a priority in your skincare routine. Before you begin applying makeup, treat your skin with a nourishing facial massage. It will improve blood circulation and give your skin a revitalised and fresh look all day long. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, use thicker formulations to keep your skin moisturised. Apply a hydrating moisturiser to the skin and leave it on for a few minutes to allow it to absorb completely. You can also use a sheet mask to soften and hydrate your skin. 

Use Foundation with Right Formula 

One of the most common makeup problems that winter brides face is flaky and cakey makeup, which is very important and equally challenging to avoid. To achieve a flawless base and avoid having uneven, dry skin, ensure to pick a liquid foundation. For a moisturised and dewy appearance, use a liquid or water-based foundation that matches your skin tone. It keeps the skin hydrated and protects it from drying. We recommend using SÉRY Satin Flawless Longwear Foundation, this is an amazing makeup product that comes in different shades which suit every Indian skin tone. Infused with Hyaluronic acid, SPF protection and other skin-loving ingredients this is an ideal foundation for dry skin and the winter season. Once you set the base with this, apply a cream-based blush and liquid highlighter to your skin to make it look dewy and bright. They are easier to apply and blend, which makes the skin appear more natural and glowy. 

Use a Waterproof Eye Makeup 

Although waterproof eye makeup is necessary year-round, you must take extra precautions in the winter to avoid your eyes watering and smearing the makeup. No bride would ever want her face to get covered with running mascara, smudged eyeliner and kohl. But, cold harsh winds and even smoke during wedding rituals tend to make the eyes teary. That’s why WATERPROOF everything! Choosing waterproof makeup will therefore guarantee that your bridal eye makeup stays in place because instead of leaving streaks or removing the product with a cloth, the waterproof formula will push the product into the skin. Since you are going to be a bride, don’t miss an 8 hours of beauty sleep to look fresh and avoid those baggy dark circles. 

Lip Care Is a Must

Winters are especially harsh on your lips, which quickly makes them dry and chapped. That’s why always ensure to exfoliate your lips with a mild lip scrub and coat them in balm before applying lipstick to avoid the appearance of dryness and dehydration. To avoid dry lips, use moisturising, creamy matte lipstick. For a winter wedding, dark and striking makeup colors would stand out and enhance your bridal style. So go for brighter shades of lipstick like burgundy, scarlet, or maroon that complement all Indian skin tones. If you have a fairer, pinkish undertone or chose the classic red bridal lehenga, bright red lipstick will enhance your overall makeup look. SÉRY Stay On Matte Lip Crayon is the best pick for this, it has mesmerising colors that are crafted to suit every Indian skin tone and it is enriched with Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E, which lends intense hydration to the lips. To add a glossy finish top the lipstick with a non-sticky lip gloss of SÉRY Butter Shine Lip Gloss, in your preferred shade and you are good to go! 

To achieve a flawless dewy finish on your wedding day, prepare your skin months in advance. In addition, follow a targeted skincare routine of cleansing, toning, and moisturising that is appropriate for your skin type. To achieve that inner glow, you must stay hydrated at all times. Use hyaluronic acid serums to replenish your skin’s moisture and keep it nourished. Apart from this, follow the above mention tips to have seamless makeup that stays all day long without smearing.